Relief for Residents as Two Major Bridges Open Over Treacherous Rivers in Fonfuka

The construction of two bridges over the Mbuk and Nguma rivers has brought immense relief to the residents of Fonfuka. These rivers, which have long hindered community development and claimed numerous lives, including that of the Fon of Mbamlu village, now have safe crossings. 

On May 18, 2024, the bridges were inaugurated by the Divisional Officer for Bum Subdivision, Ngang Tumasang, alongside Mayor Gwei Philip and Senator John Wanlo.
The Divisional Officer expressed his satisfaction, highlighting the significance of these infrastructure milestones during his tenure. He emphasized that the bridges mark the end of tragic incidents caused by the rivers and exemplify the benefits of effective decentralization. He urged the community to unite and leverage these advancements under the strong political leadership in Bum.

The bridge over the Mbuk river, which had been under construction for 52 years, was finally completed. Mayor Gwei Philip credited the successful completion to the government and the Head of State, thanking them for the double funding that facilitated the construction of both bridges. The regional delegation of public works provided expert advice and studies for the second bridge, enabling the redirection of funds to complete the Mbuk bridge.
Council Development Officer Shing Eric Wun assured the public that the construction companies adhered strictly to contract specifications. He confirmed that the bridges meet all standards and have been tested with heavy vehicles. The completion of the 45 by 4 meters bridge over the Mbuk river was funded by FEICOM with FCfa 90 million, while the 25 by 6 meters bridge over the Nguma river was funded by the Public Investment budget with FCfa 98 million.

Prince Shey Kimbi George, a native of Mbamlu village, expressed disbelief and joy over the completion of the Nguma bridge. He noted that the bridge has transformed their travel experience, making it easier to reach markets and other areas. The bridges are expected to boost economic activities by connecting Fonfuka to its economic hub, Konene.
Bridge over river Nguma 25 by 6 meters

Mr. Bawe Henry, the contractor for the Nguma bridge, praised the people of Bum for embracing development despite ongoing crises. This positive attitude facilitated the project's successful execution in a peaceful environment.

Senator John Wanlo shared his personal connection to the project, recalling how he carried stones as a young boy when the Mbuk bridge construction began 52 years ago. As a former Mayor of Fonfuka, he expressed relief that the bridges are now complete, thanks to the efforts of Mayor Gwei Philip and other government channels. He reiterated President Paul Biya's commitment to ensuring no region is left out in development, affirming that Bum is included in this promise.
Bridge over river Mbuk 45 by 4 meters

With the new bridges linking Fonfuka council to its economic capital in Konene, Senator Wanlo is optimistic about the boost in trade and the return of entrepreneurs who had previously left due to poor road conditions. However, he acknowledged that access to Bum Subdivision from other areas remains challenging due to the state of the roads. Efforts like the HIMO project to improve the Fonfuka/Mungong road are still needed to enhance connectivity.

By Nji Ignatius 
Tel: 6 94 71 85 77 

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