Shey Lotum Yov Humbly Embraces Nso Ngwèrong Directives, Issues Apology

In a recent development, Shey Lotum Yov, the renowned cultural promoter and musician, has publicly accepted and embraced the rules set forth by the Nso Traditional Regulatory Authority, the Ngwerong. In a heartfelt release addressed to his fans, friends, and family, Shey Lotum Yov acknowledged the warning issued by Ngwerong regarding his use of royal cultural attire and items in his artistic expressions.

The note published by Lav Bam Ye Wiy on March 22, 2024, highlighted the directive from Ngwerong cautioning Shey Lotum Yov to refrain from wearing items reserved for royalty and special Nso individuals. In response, Shey Lotum Yov humbly submitted to the authority of Ngwerong and pledged to adhere to the cultural heritage and protocols governing the use of insignia and royal artifacts.

As a dedicated promoter of Nso culture through his music, Shey Lotum Yov expressed his commitment to rectifying any inadvertent breaches of tradition and ensuring that such errors do not recur in the future. He emphasized the importance of upholding the values and customs of Nso and the entire Cameroon, demonstrating his deep respect for the cultural traditions associated with them.

Moving forward, Shey Lotum Yov announced that he and his management team have implemented stricter guidelines to prevent similar occurrences and have established approved cultural wardrobe standards for his art. He also requested promoters, bloggers, and event planners to contact his team for authorized promotional materials and urged the discontinuation of any unauthorized images in circulation.

Shey Lotum Yov extended his apologies for any inconvenience caused and sought forgiveness and understanding from the traditional authorities, fans, and supporters. He expressed gratitude to his team, friends, family, and fans for their continued support and emphasized the importance of preserving and respecting the rich cultural heritage of Nso and Cameroon.

By Bakah Derick 
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