Misaje Shaa Festival 2023: Ndansi Elvis reward Champions in Hygienic production, Distribution, offer scholarships, learning kits

By Burinyuy A in Misaje 

At the Grand finale of the 6th edition of the Misaje Shaa festival on Saturday September 2, 2023 in Misaje, the promoter after awarding cash prizes as promised  announced that in no distant time the first prize of the now famous Misaje Shaa Festival shall hit Fcfa 1 million. This announcement sent many a participant and Shaa women in the Subdivision in to frenzy.
Handing of prizes at the close of the festival 
This festival he reiterated is apolitical and has only one thing to sell across which is to encourage hygiene and sanitation in the production of this local liquor brewed from fermented corn and water and mostly consumed by people in the grass field. The timing which is always in the last week of August is to enable participants to send children to school with ease.
Winners in picture with officials present 

The 6th edition saw Madam Chila Rose as the winner of the first prize and took home a cash prize of 300.000frs cash, a big pot and 20 cups.
The second prize went to Madam Noumie Prisca and she took home 150000frs cash, A big pot and 20 cups and the third prize went to Kele Ernestine and she took home 100.000frs cash, a big pot and 20 cups. This prize will enable her enrol her daughter in to the University who just had A/Levels.
From the fourth to the 12 participants took home 30.000frs each with a faucet bucket and 20 cups. The 2023 Shaa festival which ended with general feasting with Shaa also featured a scholarship to primary school children from the four denominational schools in Misaje Subdivision. Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic and Islamic schools 
The scholarship from  Ndansi Elvis was 100% comprising school fees, books, school bag and uniform each which cost 25000frs per pupil.
A tug of war between park boys and butchers ended with a draw while dance competition saw the Mbessa dance with the  captain who was pregnant and putting up a wonderful show lifted the first prize of 25000frs. The Fon of Nkanchi who happens to be a member of the house of Chiefs saluted the promoter of Shaa festival praying that other elite can pick from the many life changing activities and promote. To him anything development, he is in for it.

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