Climate Change Mitigation: Award of outstanding actors announced in Bamenda

By Hilltopvoices 

Cameroon climate Journalism Network under the World Echoes Media Group will on Saturday 17 September 2022 award climate change mitigation actors. 
According to invitations which got a copy, the event will take place at the exquisite Plush House GRA Upstation in Bamenda from 10am. 

The “Media Award Against Climate Change of the 21st century is to individuals, institutions, organizations and enterprise that have year in, year out selflessly contributed to conserve nature, sustain lives and protect nature's gifts.” The letter notes 

With a few days to the award event, the Cameroon country Ambassador at Oxford Climate Journalism Network, Tamukong Roland who doubles as CEO of World Echoes Media Group has reaffirmed readiness for the promising event. 

“This day I take this singular opportunity as a climate Actor three days to Cameroon’s Grand Climate Jamboree taking place in Bamenda GRA Plush House on the 17th of September 2022 to announce to the national and international community that Plush House Venue for the said historic event has been Baptised by the Award commission as “CLIMATE VILLAGE”. Tamukong Said 
Tamukong Roland, Cameroon country Ambassador at Oxford Climate Journalism Network and CEO World Echoes Media Group 

He has also clarified issues relating to the naming of the event and the venue. 

“We are also happy to announce the legal appellation of the climate show which is 2022 CLIMATE JUSTICE AWARD, meaning GIVING BACK or PAYING BACK TO NATURE or MOTHER EARTH. From dust we all came from dust we shall all return. In other words as a functional duty or obligation of every human being, we each owe nature a duty and a responsibility. Playing the role of a climate advocate is a social responsibility, working for nature is selfless, doing good to nature is about conserving it and sustaining nature’s gift. Meaning playing the advocate for climate is seeking justice for nature and from nature”.

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