The President of Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe of Nkambe alias Messiah Boys has express the need for the recently elected officials of the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT to develop football infrastructure in the North West Region.
Bang Johnson was speaking to the Guardian Post daily recently in Bamenda following the election of Mbombo Njoya Seidou as President of football association FA.

Bang Bullet President "Messiah Boys"

According to the Bang Bullet President, the NW Region has and is putting in too much into Cameroon football yet remains a region with no infrastructure for the development of the game.

“The NW alone has two elite teams PWD and YOSA, Two elite two teams Bang Bullet FC alias Messiah boys and National Polytechnic Bamenda FC. The NW has won the cup of Cameroon twice with Kumbo Strikers in the 2000 and YOSA in 2013 and the region has also produced and is producing some great footballers in this country and beyond.” Bang Bullets said

While regretting that even Kumbo home to Kumbo Strikers has no stadium, Bang added that he has been using a community field in Nkambe which is very far from Kumbo talk less of Bamenda. “I have been using the municipal field for the past years now which is in a very poor state. If they had even given us a field a Kumbo, one could come and play there but we are now made to play in Nkambe with no field as well.”

“I just want to beg the new FECAFOOT executive to remember us and give us a good stadium. Others places in the country have very good fields and those of us trying to manage teams, we have nothing.” Bang Johnson lamented.

Describing subvention from the FA as insufficient and delayed, the Messiah boys’ president maintained that managing a football is a not easy in the country. “Last year we made more than two trips to the North of Cameroon before we could receive some small thing from the FA which was not up to anything as compared to what we spend. Look now we have been keeping the boys and do not know when the league will start. We are spending money and at the end I am sure what will be given will not be up to anything.” He observed

Quizzed on the state of preparedness of his team and the rumour circulating in football circles in the region that team will play matches in Bamenda due to the crisis in the region, Bang Johnson admits that his boys have been training and waiting for when the league will begin. He also admits to have heard something like the displacement of his team from home ground Nkambe but notes “I created that team to make my place known not just for football but also for the economic benefits that come with football. I think if such a thing happens we will not be happy. I can’t say what will happen then now but believe me my people will not take such news happily because they love my team and they love football.”

Getting to Nkambe Headquarters of boarder division Donga Mantung from Bamenda is a five hours drive which in normal times cost FCFA 6000 in the dry season and far more in the rainy season due to the bad roads. This amongst others Bang Johnson says “it will be considered home games if I have to move the team every match day from Nkambe to Bamenda for home matches.”

The long time football promoter who is currently constructing a personal football field following the approval of his football academy maintains that he is not advocating for the upgrading of his facility but the municipal field which belongs to his people. He is full of praises for late Yong Francis founder of YOSA FC for creating the facility that has played host to elite matches in the region for some years now and questions “if not for Pa Yong who built the YOSA stadium what could we be using after the maintain stadium was abandoned?”

According to Bang Johnson the time to develop football infrastructure in the North West is now.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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