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A woman from Dangteng-Dih in Libialem Division of the South West Region internally displaced ID by the current sociopolitical impasse has been delivered of twin by the health personnel of the Nkwen Sub Divisional Medicalized Centre popularly known as PMI Nkwen.

Ernestine Nachi Njen who is not only internally displaced but also abandoned by the biological father of her bundle of joy benefited from the social responsibility of the center to permit the twin see the world for the first time on Friday August 30.

Chief Medical Officer of the Centre, Dr. Iwu David Emeka, Nurse (with babies) and ID woman in Bed (Photo Credit: The Focus 237)

With her numerous challenges Dr. Iwu David Emeka head of the health facility took care of all the expenses of the woman within what is now known as the social responsibility of the facility. 

Ernestine Nachi Njen has continuously expressed gratitude to the Nkwen Sub Divisional Medicalized Centre for coming to her aid at such a time of great need.
Sharing her ordeal, Ernestine Nachi Njen explained that she had tried to go to some hospitals in Lebialem and Batibo but discovered that they had been closed as a result of the ongoing Crisis that has on a greater part affected many health facilities with workers abandoning their posts for safety.

The now happy woman also disclosed that she has been pregnant 12 times with nine deliveries, 10 kids and two miscarriages. 

The woman who is in her late 40s regrets that since her husband died in 2009, another man came to her life but abandoned her with the last pregnancy. She also revealed that she has been the one trying to take care of the kids but that things became more difficult with the current crisis.

According to the Chief Medical Officer of the Centre, Dr. Iwu David Emeka the hospital has been receiving such cases especially transfer cases from other hospitals that have been hard hit by the crisis and thanks to the improved services, the centre has been able to meet up with the challenges.

Created by a decree in 1971 and inaugurated in 1972 as PMI, it was upgraded to a Sub Divisional Medicalised Centre around the year 2000 and is the oldest and biggest than every district hospital in the region.

The centre has Mother to Child Services (antenatal consultation, maternity, vaccination and family planning), Medico-Consultation services (General consultation, pediatric, medical checkup, theatre etc) and other units like physiotherapy, non-communicable diseases, HIV treatment unit, Dental Cabinet etc.

The Centre has a staff strength of 60 government workers and 160 community based employed staff.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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