A World Press Freedom Day WPFD panel in Bamenda has raised worries over the media’s ability to keep power in check.
The panelists made up of Journalists, Teacher and lawyer were speaking in Bamenda Yesterday during activities to observe World Press Freedom Day. Moderated by a seasoned Communicator, Radio host, Rights activists and Author Fulai Colbert Gwain, the Panelist Peterkings Manyong Publisher Independent Observer, Wanchia Cynthia Journalism Instructor, John Menkefor Teacher and A lawyer for over an hour reflected on the day’s theme “Keeping power in Check; Media Justice and the Rule of Law.” One the possibility of Media Checking power, the regretted that this is almost impossible since a majority of Journalists have been pocketed by some people the panel described as “big people.”

According to the panel, the Media, Justice and the rule of law are the three fundamental institutions to keep power in check. While encouraging Journalists to master media laws in the country, the panelists in different interventions sustained that the rule of law requires that everyone respect the laws of the state.
To function in an environment void of frequent court issues, the panel recommended that journalism association like CAMASEJ should liaise with other professional associations like lawyers, magistrates etc.  
Roseline Akah Obah CAMASEJ President

Speaking earlier on the theme on behalf of Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ NW Chapter the organiser of the panel, Roseline Obah said “The theme chosen this year is an open invitation to think of the relation between the media, justice and the rule of law. World Press Freedom day is also an opportunity to highlight the crucial role played by this profession in defending and preserving the democratic rule of law.” Appling the theme to the region and the challenges faced the CAMASEJ leader added “at the level of the NW all has not been a bed of roses. We have encountered the following challenges in the course of executing our duties. The suspension of some media houses and talk shows, wanton threats, arrest and the detention of journalists who are striving to serve as watchdogs of society, self and administrative censorship discrimination of media houses reading access to information in some events, the invasion of the media landscape by quarks and charlatans who practice cavalier journalism thereby bringing the profession to disrepute, deplorable working conditions with little or no salaries there by pushing some journalists to practice what is commonly known today as gombo journalism. The near absence of media subventions to recognized media houses and on and on”
The Bamenda event also provided and opportunity for the English Speaking media association to award some of their members for outstanding work done during the last one year.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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