Women in Bamenda in their numbers have openly declared their intention to join the campaign intended to meet the president of the Republic Paul Biya in his Unity Palace Etoudi office and residence.
Cross section of the women and participants at the come together
The women expressed their readiness to join the Mothers of the Nation in a march to Etoudi during a sensitisation in Bamenda Tuesday. The several women who pledged their readiness for the campaigned were inspired by a group of women who have been leading the movement with Edith Kah Walla till now with a March that ended with many arrested in Yaounde in March.
The determination of the women to be part of the campaign was further amplified by the soul touching and horrible stories shared during the come together by women from various parts of the NW and SW regions who have lived firsthand the sad incidences emerging from the Anglophone crisis. 
Some of the members of Mothers of the Nation Campaign from West and the Center regions who visited the NW region lamented how they saw people in misery. “I have tears in my eyes because of what I have seen. I am not sure this country has a future…… I have seen issues I think the government is taking this issue too lightly…. It is very sad” A women in the team said
Another from Bafia corroborated saying “from what I have seen, man has lost dignity because of this crisis. Live has no value here again. I want to see the Head of State. Let’s leave it here, let’s stop the killings…. When a child suffers it’s the mother that suffers… we have suffered enough. It’s time for all women to rise. I wish we get to a level where women will be shot with children in their hands.”
With several testimonies, the meetings almost turned into mourning come together with everyone almost shading tears for the current state of affairs.
As saddening and tears provoking as the stories were, Edith Kah Walla; lead of the group softened the hearts of the women with the assurance that there was hope based on the fact that many internally displaced persons IDPs could still receive support from their fellow brothers and sisters who are providing accommodation for them nationwide. 
Another team member who visited some IDPs was also quick to deny the fact that the lead group of the meet Biya campaign Stand up for Cameroon does not belong to the Cameroon’s Peoples party CPP insisting that Mothers of the Nation is a movement created by Cameroonian Women “to cry out for this country.”  She added “I arrived some places with women housing and taking care of many persons but you cannot know what they are doing.” She regretted that despite being a Cameroonian crisis, the ongoing crisis in the NW and SW has been reduced as a war in the NW/SW. While calling on soldiers to be calm, she insisted that the crisis must be brought to a halt now.
On the way forward, the lead campaigner Edith Kah Walla argued that the crisis has been brought to its present level by the regime in place and so they must be made to leave power with the issue of marginalisation and violence. According to her, a political transition was mandatory and women were prepared to take the lead. “We cannot move forward with all what we have as it is. We must reform the constitution, laws and institutions.” She said adding that “any discussion now on the form of state is irrelevant.”
On elections issues she argued that the state of the electoral process from its registration, elections itself, management and declaration was not appealing enough to encourage participation reason why the mothers of the nation campaign was not interested in talking that now. Cameroonian women Kah concluded must turn out in their numbers to face the reality and stand up for their country.
After being a grassroots politician for over 11years, Kah Walla thinks that those who appear only ceremonially at elections time should not be listened to. “We are doing are best to provide grassroots leadership” she said.
The next march whose date has not been announced will not be long with over 1000 women expected in the nation’s capital.
Prior to the Bamenda meeting, Kah Walla and team visited Ewoh village where many are internally displaced. She later visited a home in Bamenda hosting over 44persons displaced because of the crisis. At Press time she was to meet the governor of the NW.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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