Strategic Humanitarian Services SHUMAS has graduated nine students living with disabilities from its Bamenda based Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.
The graduation event  in Bamenda Thursday March 29 also provided and opportunity for the graduates being the 7th batch to receive some startup material which will enable them to begin using the skills learnt while in training to facilitate the opening of  knitting, hairdressing, sewing, shoe-mending workshops and piggeries as they return home after two years of training. 

Addressing the graduation event, the Director General of SHUMAS Ndzerem Stephen indicated that the SHUMAS Vocational Rehabilitation Centre was created to empower persons with disabilities PWDs so they can be development partners like any other person in the society. 

The Director General who is amongst the few in the Nso land to carry the tittle Nformi because of his service to humanity also explains that the training has been free so many could be beneficiaries. He however observed “Realizing that most trainees still faced difficulties coming to the center due to lodging difficulties, we have constructed a dormitory facility which is free of charge to help especially trainees coming in from other divisions or locations around town that are faraway.” 

He however regretted that the acceptance of the graduates with their different disabilities will not be as it was the case while they were in school during training. He thus urged the parents or guardians of the graduates to support them so they achieve their dreams. 

Nformi Ndzerm Stephen appreciated partners Rotary International especially Hand Up Rotary Canada, Guelph Rotary Club and Kumbo Rotary Club for supporting the start-up material for the graduates.

On behalf of the graduates one of the students with a speech impairment thanked SHUMAS for coming up with a center that can cater for persons with special needs and Rotary Club International for supporting them with start-up material. Yaouba Ibrahim President for Kumbo Rotary Club on behalf of Rotary International in response appreciated SHUMAS for ensuring effective implementation of the project. 

Located in the SHUMAS head office in Bamenda, The SHUMAS Vocational Rehabilitation Centre offers free accommodation to trainees during their two years training with a token FCFA 300 requested daily for their feeding. The center offers training for PWDs in income generating activities like sewing, traditional embroidery, knitting, shoe-mending, cane-weaving, hairdressing and jewelry manufacturing. 

Not fewer than 40 students have successfully passed through the center with some graduates now supporting their families with income from their workshops as SHUMAS ensures success via continues monitoring even after graduating with the objective of helping their graduates bypass possible challenges. 

The Divisional Officer for Bamenda III Sub Division whose representative recognized SHUMAS’s developmental effort making the not-for-profit development NGO a veritable government partner in other areas and particularly the promotion of inclusive development as the center is training persons with disabilities reechoing the fact that there is ability in disability.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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