Part of the SDF Chairman’s Ntarikon palace has been reduced to ashes following a fire incident that occurred in the later hours of Thursday. 
Fru Ndi's house burnt
An inside source told that the incident started at about 10:30pm when a loud noise was heard on the roof. In trying to verify it was fire. While family was shouting and trying to put off the fire, neighbors then quickly intervened in the putting off of the fire. 
Though the fire was around the kitchen area where many could speculate it was coming from a neglected fire source like the fireside,  the discovery of a “sack and motor bag behind the gate with lighters smelling petrol” according to our source quickly gave reason to conclude that it was an arson attack on the chairman’s residence. 

The Chairman who refused to talk to the press because of anger intimated in several comments that he has worked to too hard in standing against Anglophone marginalization in Cameroon to deserve the burning of his house. 
Several officials including NW GovernorAdolph Lele L’Afrique Tchoffo Deben and his close collaborators, Religious, battery of top military and party officials just like media organs have been trooping into the chairman’s house to see the state of the destruction and to sympathize with him.  
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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