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Anglophone Crisis: Case against Church leaders discontinued.

By Bakah Derick The Archbishop of Bamenda His Grace Fontem Essua, his Auxiliary Michael Bibi, the Bishop of Kumbo His Lordship George Nkuo, the Executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Rev Dr Ncham Godwill and their respective churches have been in Court this Monday September 25, 2017 to answer to a law suit filed by a Consortium of Parents. The presiding Judge Bikelle Theresia at the Court of First Instance in Bamenda made the long awaited announcement during the court session indicating that the Minister of Justice on behalf of the government had ordered that the Matter be discontinued.    In her capacity as presiding judge she had to apply what is known in legal jargon as Nolle Prosequio as requested for by the State Prosecutor for the NW popularly called in French Procureur General.  Before the Court could resume after close to two hour recess, the complainants had left the court premises following indications from their counsel that they were no

Anglophone Crisis: • Peaceful protesters take government by surprise • Security forces muted by unprecedented turnout • Not fewer than three dead recorded in the NW • Takumbeng resurfaces without Fru Ndi • Reverse trends; South West infects North West with protest spirit

Protest Bamenda Street demonstrations characterized different parts of the North West Region Friday 22 September 22, 2017. Tree Branches and peace plants carrying youths stormed the streets of Bamenda before 9am chanting songs depicting captivity and need for freedom. While combat ready riot police could be seen around the city looking on, the demonstrations where void of violence. Understanding previous actions by security forces during similar circumstances, tongues have been wagging over the silence of the security early Friday morning. According to some opinion, the reaction of the forces was due to the over bearing population. Others say they received instructions from higher quarters not to use force on the protesters. Though none of the positions cannot be confirmed by this reporter, the fact that teargas and shooting emerged later in the day with many hospitalized and even dead. In Bamenda protesters stormed the street from Foncha junction for the Nkwen Fo

Anglophone Crisis: Kah Walla; loudest female voice storms Bamenda amidst administrative prohibitions.

Edith Kah Walla Stand Up for Cameroon  From Bakah Derick The promoter of the civil society movement Stand Up for Cameroon has paid another solution oriented visit to Bamenda. Kah Walla as she is well known around the country was in Bamenda Thursday September 21, 2017 ahead of a planned meeting with some major actors in the ongoing Anglophone crisis. On arrival the female voice that has so far been seen as the loudest since the start of the Anglophone crisis was told that she could not organize her meeting on the 22 nd of September as planned due to an order by the SDO for Mezam prohibiting all public meetings from her meeting day till October 3, 2017.  Though another order from the governor did not prohibit gatherings, the prohibition of  inter-divisional movements by the regional governor could possibly prevent those coming for the consultation from other parts of the region.  This however did not prevent Stand Up for Cameroon from meeting with some stakeholders in

Anglophone Crisis: Street demonstrations across the North West Region

Street demonstrations have characterized different parts of the North West Region Friday 22 September 22, 2017. Tree Branches and peace plants carrying youths stormed the streets of Bamenda before 9am chanting songs depicting captivity and need for freedom. While combat ready riot police could be seen around the city looking on, the demonstrations where void of violence. While in their numbers on the street from Foncha junction towards Nkwen rural, the demonstrators could be seen providing the right of way to those who were with automobiles. But for Kumbo and Santa where on the ground reports confirm gun firing and possibly shootings, the protest has remained peaceful. Some demonstrators who spoke to this reporter at mile four Nkwen say they are passing a message to the ongoing UN 72 nd General Assembly to be addressed by Cameroon President Paul Biya this same day about the ongoing Anglophone crisis which has been characterized by school and courts boycott, arr

Jakiri gets new Divisional Officer

From Bakah Derick in Bamenda with field reports Suh Patrick Ndelle New Do for Jakiri  Suh Patrick Ndelle has been installed as the new Divisional Officer DO for Jakiri Subdivision. The installation ceremony at the Jakiri ceremonial grandstand Monday September 18, 2017 gave the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui Mooh Emile the opportunity to thank the outgoing Do Ngembane Daniel who has served the state in that capacity in Jakiri for over six years that is since January 2011. The outgoing administrator who was later decorated Knight of the Cameroon Order of Valor was praised for his strong attachment to and respect of Republican Values and institutions, maintenance of peace and order amongst others. The SDO for Bui in commissioning the new DO noted that maintaining peace and order in the mist of growing socio-political challenges within the Anglophone crisis together with ensuring effective school resumption as cardinal amongst his duties. Combating the disrespect of st

German Political Foundation FES aids SDF to look within

Participants at FES-SDF Seminar in Bamenda  From Bakah Derick in Bamenda The German non-profit political foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung FES has provided a platform for Cameroon’s lead opposition party the Social Democratic Front SDF to look within and advance in her tenets of social democracy. This was during a two day seminar organized in Bamenda from the 14-15 of September 2017 for SDF Parliamentarians and other senior officials of the party.    With focus on social democracy and political crisis, experts drawn from with and without the party handled from diverse angles issues relating to the role of the SDF in the ongoing crisis in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon. Speaking at the opening of the workshop the Resident Representative of the Foundation in Cameroon maintained that the SDF as an opposition can in one way or another contribute positively to the development of Cameroon. According to Friedrich Kramme-Stermose, this cannot happen successfully if

Anglophone Crisis: SDF calls Government and Secessionists extremists

John Fru Ndi SDF National Chairman The Social Democratic Front SDF; Cameroon’s most populous political party has described the government of Cameroon  under Philemon Yang and advocates of Southern Cameroon secession as extremists. The party spokesperson made the declaration on the sidelines of the National Executive Committee NEC meeting Saturday September 16, 2017 while addressing the press. The National Vice Communication Secretary of the party claimed that the SDF has remained neutral as a National party accusing the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement CPDM of being reluctant and refusing to dialogue while the other end is occupied by the secessionists demanding a new country. According to Denis Nkemlemo the CPDM is even part of those sponsoring those advocating for the separation of Cameroon claiming that his party is responsible for the peace in Cameroon

Santa Mayor/Pastor drops dead

Mayor Kan Elroy Moses Payne From Bakah Derick in Bamenda with field reports The dead of the Mayor of the Santa Council who doubles as leader and Founder of a Bamenda based Church has been announced. Before being rushed to the Holy Family Hospital Mortuary Akum, family sources say Mayor Kan Elroy Moses Payne had just done his usual morning sports when dead stroke. The September 15, 2017 passing on of the Mayor fell like a bombshell with many refusing to believe upon just hearing the information. The cause of the instant dead of the man who was also President of the regional chapter of the National Mayors gathering known as United Councils and Cities of Cameroon UCCC has not been made public. Immediate reactions have been difficult to get from his colleagues Mayors. Santa Meteo Radio a Facebook page managed by a radio in close collaboration with the Santa Council   announces the dead adding that he was in Bambui Thursday September 14, 2017, where he attended a Seminar organiz

Repeated explosions in Bamenda puts security on red alert

From Bakah Derick in Bamenda The security in the city of Bamenda has been put on red alert following repeated explosions in the city. After an explosion last Monday September 11, 2017 whose cause, target or those responsible have not been established, another explosion last Saturday 16, 2017 evening sent the city again into chaos. According to those who reached the explosion scene earlier at the hospital roundabout neighborhood in Bamenda II Subdivision that evening, they had followed the noise of “something like a bomb” but they could not get to the explosion site due to heavy security presence. This reporter later gathered that it was the second explosion that evening following one that occurred in a taxi carrying a speaker to the Bamenda congress hall which of recent has been serving as home to many military men deployed to the city of Bamenda to manage the security of the city. A few things have however remained unclear about the explosion in the taxi since the car is

Kifem lays shot son; Sevidzem Cyprian to rest

Field Reports Thousands have assembled in Kifem to lay to rest 17 year old Sevidzem Cyprian shot dead September 4, 2017 in Kifem Kumbo-Bui Division. The son of a Sub-chief Shufai Yuwar who after his untimely dead was held by the Kumbo Administration was released for burial this Wednesday September 13, 2017 in his native community of Kifem. The expected drama at his funeral particul arly traditionally has not been reported but the burial he has been given is heroic.  The Storming of the Presbyterian Church where a requiem was being said for the late Sevidzem by irate youths to confirm the content of the coffin and carrying of non-Cameroonian flag tells spoke volumes.  The non-reaction and silence from the forces of law and order has been a source of concern though welcomed by many.  



Anglophone Crisis: CPDM parliamentarian announces repressive measures in the days ahead! Says Biya to address the Nation Soon

Hon Enwe Francis/Hon Simon Achidi Achu From Bakah Derick in Bamenda The Member of Parliament for Momo West Hon Enwe Francis says the current crisis in the North West region is in its second stage. Speaking in Bamenda Wednesday September 6, 2017 in the presence of Senate Vice President and Former Prime Minister Simon Achidi Achu and another Senator Dingha Ignatius Bayin from Ngoketunjia, the MP told reporters “now we can go about our activities normally but when it will reach the third Stage, it will be dangerous to the extent that all of the population in cities will run to their different Villages. While arguing that CPDM parliamentarians have been working on their part to find solution to the crisis Hon. Enwe Francis presented a two page document explaining that he wrote to the President of the Republic to the present the problems and also propose solutions to the crisis. Submitting that there will be no secession in Cameroon even in 20years, The Momo West law maker expre

Anglophone Crisis: School Resumption campaigns flop in NW/SW Regions of Cameroon! Anglophone crisis Recap!

By Bakah Derick Never has school resumption been so timid in the predominantly English speaking North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. It is not only the absence of school buses, assorted uniforms on overcrowded streets and taxis but also the near complete absence of overloaded yellow taxis and high speeding commercial motorbikes better known as okada this September 4, 2017 from the street of Bamenda. Shops are also locked along the streets with major markets shops closed. Inhabitants call it “kontri Sunday”! It’s a ghost town on school reopening. The Minister of Basic Education is in town, Alim Adjidja née Youssouf and the Secretary General in the Ministry of Secondary Education are in town to launch the school year. The streets are empty so they will have a good ride across the city through near empty streets. It’s a similar picture reports from most parts of the North West and the South West region where the Minister of Secondary Education Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe

Anglophone Crisis: Dr Fomuyoh Christopher Presses for second phase release, dialogue and school resumption

Dr Fomuyoh Christopher Senior Associate and Regional Director for Central and West Africa at the National Democracy Institute NDI/ President of the Fomunyoh Foundation From Bakah Derick in Bamenda The Senior Associate and Regional Director for Central and West Africa at the National Democracy Institute NDI has described the recent release of Anglophone detainees by the President of the Republic Paul Biya as “the right step in the right direction.” Dr Christopher Fomunyoh who also doubles as the President of the Fomunyoh Foundation was speaking in Bamenda Friday September 1, 2017 during an event organised by a Mankon-Based Arts group to present priced gifts of artistic works to the governance experts. While expressing thanks to the arts group for the gesture and honour to him, Dr Christopher used the event to address a couple of other issues. Starting with the recently banned press event in Yaounde during which he was guest, Dr Christopher expressed his dissatisfaction with t

Bamenda City Council coughs-out FCFA15M for holiday workers for Back-to-school.

Jude Waindim Secretary General Bamenda City Council addresses students  By Bakah Derick in Bamenda   Over 400 students selected from across the city of Bamenda have come to the end of a one month holiday work session with the Bamenda City Council BCC. The closeout event to officially bid farewell to the students held Thursday August 31, 2017 in the premises of the City Council during which the Secretary General to the BCC indicated that the institution has spent over FCFA15M to organise this year’s work session. The over 400students each backed home the sum FCFA30000 representing FCFA11.6m from the total amount while the rest went for organisation. Addressing the students for the BCC, Jude Waindim encouraged them about going to school saying “Education is your life. Without education you will not be able to stand and talk in public. I call on all of you our dear boys and girls to be to be of good example.” To those who were selected he added “remain good so that next year

Anglophone Crisis:Peter Ngufor stands up for Biya’s Decision to Free Anglophone Detainees

Peter Ngufor in culturally dressed while in Zanzibar  By Bakah Derick in Bamenda  Bamenda based business magnet, patriot, peace promoter and farmer Peter Ngufor has literary given a standing ovation to the President of the Republic Paul Biya for discontinuing the proceedings before the Yaounde Military Tribunal against some Anglophones arrested in relation to the violence committed in recent months in the North West and South West Regions. Reacting to the Wednesday August 30, 2017 decision made public by the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh at his Mile 3 Nkwen Farmers House Office, Pa Ngufor as he is fondly called praised the move saying “it was a big relief! I was very happy indeed.” Acknowledging his personal knowledge of the president he noted “I have personally known President Biya and I know that he is a gentleman of all order and I know that if you advise him well he will take it and do it.” According to the business m

SDF 2017 Convention: Chairmanship candidate prepares confrontation as candidature meets stone walls within

By Bakah Derick in Bamenda  Aspiring candidate for position of the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF has accused his party of plans to deny him his democratic rights as member of the party. Felix Teche Nyamusa who also hoping to be presidential candidate for the party at the 2018 Presidential election penned his anger in an epistle fired to the Chairperson of the SDF National Investiture Committee dated August 30, 2017 a copy which the Guardian post stumbled on titled “A cabal attempts replacing SDF Investiture.” Hear Teche “Our party, SDF electoral laws for elections into the National executive committee (NEC) –   “Opening of nominations to post in the national executive committee (NEC)” section G Discipline prescribes as follows: “To ensure that during the built-up to the convention, no disciplinary proceedings are used  as a means: of stifling debate: Of denying members their basic or democratic rights: Of solving private problems or interfering in the p

Anglophone Crisis:NW Governor urges released Anglophone detainees to Forgive

At NW Governor's Office as Governor receives released detainees with handshakes By Bakah Derick in Bamenda        It was an emotional Friday September 1, 2017 morning at the North West governor’s office as families and friends showed up to receive one of theirs arrested for one reason or another during the on-going Anglophone crisis. These relations either parents, children brothers and sisters could be seen wearing a smile in the hope that they will soon see the love ones who have spent several weeks and months in various detention centres in the nation’s capital Yaounde. “I have come here to receive by husband. Though I have been visiting him in Yaoundé, the feeling today is different since I will be home with him again after seven months” a cheerful wife of one of the detainees tells this reporter. Shortly after this conversation, North West Governor arrives and works straight to the families exchanging a firm handshake and a smile with everyone especially children.