The Social Democratic Front SDF has ordered all their parliamentarians to be back in Parliament in November following social media claims that some of the party Members of Parliament had resigned from parliament. The decision to have the MPs back in Parliament is one out of the many decisions taken during a National Executive Committee meeting in Bamenda October 28, 2017. 

According to Prof Ajagaji and Senator Tchachang Paul who addressed the Press for the party, the MPs were elected to serve the people and could not be forced to resign on social media. “I don’t think any member of the SDF resigned. You don’t resign through the Social Media. They made statements which were released at the time on Social Media within the context of the situation. The committee meeting today has resolved that all elected officials senators, SDF Parliamentarians in general and Mayors and all elected officials should continue doing their work as normal because we are facing a constitutional and institutional crisis.” Prof Ajagaji Said. According to the party, the crisis can only be solved by a constitutional conference and only President Paul Biya has the responsibility to convene such a conference first with “veritable, inclusive and dynamic dialogue to resolve the problem.”
Amongst the decisions arrived at the conclave was the postponement of the party’s convention initially convened scheduled for October to February 2018. According to the Party spokesperson Prof Ajagaji, the postponement is “in context of the ongoing crisis.” “The convention would not have held simply because of the crisis and so we have resolved today to move it to February 2018 to giv time for the dust to settle; to give time for Cameroonians to come back to their collective conscience and to give time for the party to work with its militants and all its supporters.”  Prof Njagaji said.
On the over one year old Anglophone crisis which according to the SDF started like a small quarrel has been allowed to grow to where it is “by President Paul Biya and his Regime.” NEC thus accuses Biya and his regime as being the creators of the crisis. They thus call on the President Paul Biya to resolve the crisis because according to the SDF he is responsible for what is going on now.
On the Douala incidence that so the Party’s public demonstration or March banned, the SDF states “we think that it is another way of saying that the regime is not playing the cards according to the rules. The CPDM was allowed to march and the SDF applied to march but they have not been allowed to march. So we think that is a violation of human rights; it’s a violation of the constitution; it’s a denial of opportunity.”
The SDF National chairman John Fru Ndi who chaired the meeting after his opening remarks lashed out  on the media for giving much attention to potential rival and self-proclaimed Potential Party Chairman and Presidential aspirant Felix Teche Nyamusa. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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