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The North West Secondary Education family has sent a message of gratitude to the President of the Republic Paul Biya amidst an avalanche of request that can only tell of a suffering people. The message was made public August 30, 2017 during the beginning of year sector conference for the 2017/2018 academic year.
NW Governor addressing Secondary Education Sector Conference

Presenting what looks like the worries of an average Anglophone or Cameroonian and can put any one to tears, the teachers message noted that it is imperative that the President of the Republic “closely monitor and hasten the tarring of all parts of the Amenda ring road, and the roads within Bamenda City and its environs as well as hasten the realisation of projects earmarked for the North West region, notably construction of the Menchum and river Katsina-Ala dams in Menchum Division.”
Like a majority of civil servants in Cameroon, the teachers raised the issue of the working conditions of teachers demanding the adjustment of the last index point, automatic payment of advance salaries to newly recruited teachers, absorption of sports and physical education teachers into secondary education, the signing and implementation of the teacher’s statute, the allocation of special motivation allowances to teachers working in very difficult areas in the country, the provision of academic honours with its accompany corresponding attributes and wards to meritorious teachers.
The message of gratitude also request “for an increase in the running credits of government colleges, Divisional and Regional Delegations of secondary Education and subvention to private schools and the provision of all-weather vehicles to Divisional Delegates of secondary education in the country  so as to the enhance the control and supervision of the running of colleges”
The motion of support like message signed by Mombakued Victor Yewoh outgoing delegate of secondary education NW for the education family also appeals that “the government to provide security detective devices to schools, prioritise the convening the national education forum and encourage formation and functioning of vigilante groups as is done in other regions where security is threaten.”
The message earlier gratified the president for measures already taken by government and those underway in a bid to resolve teacher’s problems as presented by the Teacher’s Trade Unions, the generosity of the Head of State to grant an additional two billion francs as subvention to private sector of education in the entire country, measures being taken to ensure that five hundred thousand laptops promised by the Head of State to all Tertiary Education students are effectively given deserving University Students, government resolve to assist education stakeholders in the North West Region and South West Region have a smooth school year by stepping up of security measures, efforts made to rehabilitate the Babadjou-Bamenda road, measures put in place to curb activities of Boko Haram amongst others.   
The sectors conference comes on the heels of an unsatisfactory academic year which according to the outgoing regional delegate Mombakued Victor Yewoh was marred by several challenges due to the ineffectiveness of the teaching and learning process. The delegate regrets the drop in Candidates for examinations, massive failure at end of course examination, low school attendance, threat to school administrators, burning and physical destruction of schools, migration of students to other regions with regular schooling, fear y parents for the safety of their children during the last school amongst others.
To take the North West back to the top, the outgoing delegate urged all to take destiny active part in the back to school endeavour keeping in mind that “schools remain secret at all times like houses of worship” adding that with the consultation meeting held so far, increase in filed inspection, capacity building of administrative personnel, ensuring discipline and sanctioning of irregular teachers can ensure the region can take her traditional first place in results across the country.
While the Secretary General to the Bamenda City Council Jude Waindim will commend religious authorities and proprietors of schools who who have conquered fear and are not only ready to open doors but also to teach, the Regional Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique will assure everyone of available security to face anyone who tries to stop school resumption and according to him “anyone who stands on the way to school is an anathema.”
  The 2017/2018 academic year in the region has been placed under the theme “second generation education for the training of citizens capable of promoting bilingualism multiculturalism and living together. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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