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From Bakah Derick in Bamenda 
The Senior Assistant to the Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon has challenged Cameroon to build on Education if the country wishes to develop. Acha Harry was speaking in Bamenda Friday August 18, 2017 while representing his Ambassador at the opening ceremony of Girls Leadership Boot Camp organized by the Bamenda based Charity Hope for the Needy Association HOFNA-Cameroon.
According to the Diplomat, Israel despite a host of challenges at independence in 1948 with virtually noting even water since over 70% of the territory is a desert has been able to grow to a strong state thanks to education. Citing the natural resources Cameroon has, larger surface area, more populated than Israel the Diplomat indicated that with Education Cameroon will go bigger and better. Using Israel’s example of having a female Prime Minister in 1969 just 20years after independence to inspire the girls, Acha Harry stated “there is something in the success of this country (Cameroon) that must be given to women and it starts here.” He will maintain that Israel’s main resource is brain power reason why in the absence of many things they train their children and invest in their education. When quizzed to clarify his point, Acha advised that Cameroon takes responsibility for her education policies. “Every Country has a responsibility for its policies and that is policy in the area of education, or health or economic or development. The state of Israel is not in the position to access Cameroon’s options. What the state of Israel is doing with its friendly country and partners like Cameroon is to share experiences in the various sectors. Israel has a long history of successful education and ways in which their education has seen fruits in the economic sector and for Israel’s diplomatic mission in Cameroon the purpose is to share that experience. The assessment of Cameroon Education is a matter for Cameroonian.”
As to what type of Education the girls at the Camp should acquire at this moment with the growing need and quest for female leadership, the Ambassador’s representative replied “the first thing is for these girls to believe in themselves and the education of girls is not only the matter for the individual girls who are taking part in this boot camp. It’s also a whole social education for the rest of the communities in which they live. Its education for ourselves for myself because beyond the issues that females have you know our societies, they only have them because males perceive them in a certain way and so the education is not only for girls, its education for girls, its education for men, its education or the whole community and once that platform is strong and properly constructed every other thing science, technology, politics and others will fall in place.”

The over 37girls drawn from the North West and South West Regions have been reflecting on the theme “inspiring the next generation of female leaders.” With support from the Israeli government, the young girls have spent four days gaining inspiration from a cream of well selected facilitators drawn from various walks of life with the hope of empowering them to achieving positive change in their lives as HOFNA’s mission demands. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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