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By Bakah Derick in Bamenda 
Bamenda based business magnet, patriot, peace promoter and farmer Peter Ngufor has literary given a standing ovation to the President of the Republic Paul Biya for discontinuing the proceedings before the Yaounde Military Tribunal against some Anglophones arrested in relation to the violence committed in recent months in the North West and South West Regions.
Reacting to the Wednesday August 30, 2017 decision made public by the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh at his Mile 3 Nkwen Farmers House Office, Pa Ngufor as he is fondly called praised the move saying “it was a big relief! I was very happy indeed.” Acknowledging his personal knowledge of the president he noted “I have personally known President Biya and I know that he is a gentleman of all order and I know that if you advise him well he will take it and do it.”
According to the business magnet “it is true that he delayed a little bit but all the same I was confident that he was going to come out at last. The events of Wednesday evening came as a big boomerang and we are all very happy and I have a strong feeling that school resumption will start very well with no hitch and in the release he mentioned that apart from this measure others will follow like discussions and trying to find out ways and means to solve the Anglophone crisis once and for all. I think it is a very good step and we should not always be pessimistic! We should always have confidence and the Cameroon nation has a very big potential as a united people not as divided people so we should give the authorities a chance and hopes that all the problems will be solved eventually. ”
To those who consider the gesture a weakness on the part of the President Peter Ngufor was categorical; “any leader that sticks to a point even though unreasonable it shows weakness! The President has really showed his strength in this decision. He has also shown that he is the father of the nation apart from being president. So we all congratulate him that he has done a very good thing that will go a long way to galvanise the state of Cameroon.”
As to the impact of the decision on school resumption, the very well established farmer expressed hope saying “I have a very good degree of confidence and I wish that we should not exaggerate because the president has really shown good faith! For once we should give him a chance and the school should resume while we continue with the discussions.”
With the coming of the decision, Pa Ngufor also expressed hope that business persons in the city will begin the distribution of books and other school related items in a bid to accompany the school resumption process. “I am confident that the school year will not be perturbed and the school, the book sellers should have confidence. We don’t think the president will stop there. He has already made a good gesture which I appreciate personally and I have confidence that everything will be regularised.”
Historically according to Peter Ngufor , the current crisis started long away with former President Amadou Ahijo. Hear him “this crisis we keep forgetting started with President Ahijo. He is the one who destroyed the foundation of this country. I will say this over and over. Well at the time he thought he was being smart; you are not smart with the life of a nation. This nation at the time we were already 12 or 14 million people; you don’t joke with a population of 14million. If I blame him it is because he mistook the reunification for victory. He did not conquer west Cameroon but from his behaviour. He wanted to make it look like he had conquered the West Cameroon and it is not true. I have evidence.” He recalled his experience in Buea when late President Ahijo and Late President Omar Bongo for an event he describes as reception of “conquerors.”
On the form of state, Pa Ngufor cited the successful USA and proposed that he thinks ten autonomous states with elected governors will be ideal for Cameroon. “in Cameroon we can still have a central government with ten autonomous regional state. That does not cause any harm; rather it re-enforces that strength of the nation.”
On the way forward he added “my message is more to the Musongue Commission. They have an uphill task. They have to go to the population! They have to lay the foundation of this nation! Foumban was the destructive phase of Cameroon. Once you clear Foumban you are left with what prevailed before Foumban and that is where the Musongue Commission is supposed to duel seriously. I count very much on the Musongue Commission and I think that if you bring in any proposal that is sound to Biya he will implement it. So I think since he appointed the Mosungue commission, I have a strong feeling that once they come with their results and findings, he is going to implement it and after the implementation of the Mosungue findings, I think Cameroon will be a firm, sincere and solid nation. In fact I am waiting for the Mosungue Commission.” 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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