By Bakah Derick (Investigation) 

An international Bank (name withheld) with a Branch on the Bamenda commercial avenue has sacked more than 75% of its branch office staff. The sacking which swept from the branch manager right down to cashiers resulting in the resignation of others  was discovered and made public by some clients who wanted their naturally charismatic manager who was noted for his friendly approach and were told he is no longer in the bank. 
The disappointed client who spoke to hilltopvoices said “I am Mr Martin a civil servant. When I noticed that the manager of (name withheld) my bank was not on seat I raised my worries only to realize that most of the staff were no longer around.” Quizzed on whether he was told why the staff was not around, he added “no but the way they are speaking I am sure they have been sacked.” 

When hilltopvoices now set on for an investigation to establish the truth of the claim by the client there were difficulties as several appointments with the new manager failed. However we fought and got to an insider who acknowledged that some members of staff have been sacked while others have resigned. According to this insider the bank received two control teams in weeks within the last quarter of 2015 and “to me this was a bad signal.  It was not long when dismissals started. I cannot clearly tell you what the matter was but I realized that even some other members of staff not sacked just resigned.” 

Following contacts hilltopvoices established with other branches of the bank in Bafoussam and Douala it emerged that the matter was more than expected.
From what our inside sources gave us, the dismissals followed a scandal originating from Britain. The insider (name withheld) said on phone “I will not tell you in detail but know that it has to do with issues of fake Bank statements issued by one of Our Branch.” When I pushed further the staff retorted “please Derick you can use what I have given. I cannot go more than this.” 

When we decided to contact another source inside the bank we were lucky this time around. This is the declaration Translated from French “Mr Derick I am a well trained and certified Banker and I do not care what happens to me. Let me tell you the truth. The Bamenda branch has been involved in the issuing of fake bank statements to people who travel abroad. Recently we had a case from the British government of a Cameroonian who got such a fake bank statement but was found stranded on the street of London. Derick  you know that most European Countries demand financial stability for those seeking entrance into their territory and the only proof is a bank statement. So when this guy was found stranded they started asking about his bank statement. It was then discovered that he had money in an account in our Bank but he could not use. So contacts were made back home here and it was realized that Bamenda was the creator of that account and that is why many have been sanctioned. Many of the suspended workers are denying and so investigations have been opened but for now they are not allowed to come to the office.” 

As it stands now a new team has taken over the Bamenda office but there are fears the move may have a strong impact on the business of the bank in the town.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

Bakah Derick is a Broadcast Presenter and Multimedia specialist with focus on sharing with the rest of the world the daily happenings in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. You can contact us on +237 675460750 or

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