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Anglophone Crisis: Over 10 killed in Senator liberation mission

By Bakah Derick  Not fewer than 10 persons are reported dead in Ashong near Batibo town in the restive North West of Cameroon. The Cameroon military spokes person Captain Cyrille Atongfack through a release detailed that the number of those killed were 12; all of them separatist fighters. Away from those killed, the Navy Captain says others were injured and escaped with wounds while three separatist fighters were captured, ammunition seized an vehicles included that of the senator taken.  Senator returns with soldiers (picture from an unknown source)  According to the release, the separatist fighters were killed as the Cameroon military set out on a special mission to liberate one of the nation's lawmakers Senator Elizabeth Regina Mundi taken hostage on April 30, 2022. The release further indicates that, the mission started on Sunday 29 May 2022 ending with the military successful freeing of the Senator on Monday night.  "The appropriate and professional response o

Opinion: What if mama Regina Mundi were a blackleg?

The Colbert Factor Muteff may be a little known local village kaleidoscope, but things that happen there are sometimes of far more greater significance than the world might have cared to know.    Regina Mundi popularly called Ma Munda in Bamenda  Situated off the jaws of Abuh Valley in Fundong Sub Division, Boyo Division of North West Region, Muteff waged a feracious war of independence from mainland Abuh in the Mid 70s.  Although the immediate cause of the conflict was Abuh community's adamant refusal to allow Muteff have a junior primary school where children from distant Muteff attend until maturity before they cross over to complete in the main school in Abuh, the remote cause was the aged-old quarel over who goes home with the head of a goat from the 'nchong' secret fraternity. The almost three-year prolonged conflict that saw Muteff children all withdrawn from the lone school in the Valley, CBC Abuh, as a sign of protest and dogged determination by Muteff