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International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2022: NW, Cameroon Situation Reviewed

By Rose Afanwi  In the North West Region, drug abuse and illicit trafficking is reportedly on the rise.. The consumption of drugs like marijuana, tramadol and alcohol have increased tremendously among the youth.  Talking to some people on the streets of bamenda to identify the types of drugs youths consume and why, some people opine that youths take these drugs to muster courage  to carry out criminal activities while others believe that these drugs are consumed for prestige.  Criminal acts like Rape, theft and murder are amongst the  crimes many in Bamenda say have increased over the years. The situation has aggravated with the close to five years ongoing armed conflict in the two English speaking regions of the country. Inhabitants of Bamenda attribute this rising phenomenon to abuse of drugs consumed at random.  "I think Marijuana and tramadol are the drugs youths consume on a daily basis in Bamenda. Pharmacies still sell these drugs without the knowledge of the aut