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PWD Bamenda: Where is the team's community bus, cup of Cameroon ambition?

By Bakah Derick  March 19, 2021 remains a historic day in the life of PWD social football club of Bamenda. This day on their way to Yaounde for a league fixture against Dragon of Yaounde, the team's 30 seater bus went up in flames before the very eyes of helpless players, technical staff and team administrators.  The cause of the fire is not known till date. The team will then be given several days with matches postponed to recover from the sad incident as transportation was now a daunting task.  PWD Bamenda  As if North West elite were waiting for the incident, contributions which we gathered were spearheaded by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of external relations in charge of the Commonwealth Felix Mbayu were immediately launched. Before Saturday 20 March 2021 could end, over 40million Francs CFA had been raised. In less than a week, over 50 million was reported. The sum which the coordinators said was lodged in a bank with the account details circulating, was