Bamenda III Council: excessive speed, overloading, pollution, waste, attracts councilors attention at budgetary session

By Bakah Derick 

Councilors of the Bamenda III Council have raised concerns over excessive speed and overloading mostly by commercial motorcycles within their municipality. The matter came to focus following a report by the social welfare committee indicating that two students recently die from an accident as their were heading to school on a motorcycle. 
Cross section of the councilors in session 

According to the report, not just was the motorcycle overloaded with four persons including the rider but was also on high speed. Speaking for the councilors, Kaba Charles pleaded with the Divisional Officer and the security officers within the municipality to check the issues raised. 

Representing the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Mezam at the session was the Divisional Officer (DO) for Bamenda III Subdivision Austin Ayuni Sakah who has promised to step up the work they have been doing to manage the difficult commercial motorcycle sector.  
The councilors were also concerned about pollution within the municipality as a result of poor management of road tarring material (asphalt) by a construction company. The appeal was directed  to both state and municipal authorities to address the said company. 

The DO for Bamenda III Subdivision Austin Ayuni has promised to followup on the technical issues connected to the environmental impact accessment report that permitted the authorisation of the construction company to function in the said area around mile three Nkwen. 
Divisional Officer Bamenda III Subdivision Austin Ayuni Sakah 

 Issues of waste management within the city also came up for review with the concern sent for examination by the Bamenda City Council representated at the session by the First Deputy Mayor Lucas Ngu Afong and municipal representatives at the city board. 
Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe speaking during the session 

While adopting the reports presented by the various committees of the council, the proposed budget by Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe which stands at over 684million was also adopted with the target to improve road infrastructure, water supply to communities, extension of electricity to Nzah amongst others.