Traditional Recognition: Dr Joseph Mubang conferred "Taa Mboneh" title

By Bakah Derick 

The Fon of Mbatu HRH TS Muma III has  decorated one of his subjects Dr Joseph Mubang with the title "Taa Mboneh" meaning Father of Peace. The decoration on Wednesday 1 June 2022 at the Big Mankon school field in Bamenda which was witnessed by the of Fon Bamock, Mbatu traditional notables and a crowd of young people according to the decorating Monarch, is in recognition of his commitment to peace initiatives and contributions to the development of his community through education, religion amongst others. 
Dr Joseph Mubang and Fons of Mbatu and Bamock

Talking to, HRH TS Muma III explained that "He has worked hard to deserve this title Taa Mboneh that is Father of Peace. We are going through some torments in our region and we need peace at all cost and without peace we cannot solve these problems. We need to settle on peace and we can think of solutions to our problems  So he needs to move around the palaces and talk to our fathers. Peace is a way forward and we need peace to solve our problems." 
The decoration in process 

While blessing the decoration materials amongst which were the rare and highly treasured red feather from the Bannerman's Turaco bird, a traditional cap, beads, walking stick, the Fon of the Mbatu people prayed the ancestors for more blessing and guidance on the beneficiary. 

The laureate, founder and promoter of the Mubang Foundation with a metal health clinic in the United States of America and a recent extention to Cameroon has received the royal recognition with humility promising to do more. 
Taa Mboneh talking to the press 

"It is always said that If you want to know who you are, you come back to your village. I am particularly honoured that the Fon of my proud village of Mbatu has honoured me today and given me the red feather. During this time that we are looking for peace, he has given me the title that is associated with peace. I will contribute to give that long lasting peace and if I am recognised by the Fon in my village I take it with humility. I am humble enough to say thank you my Fon. I am proud to be a son of Mbatu and I promise to do more to the common man with my widow's mite using my education and experience" Dr Joseph Mubang told

Known to be one of the key actors in the peace process in the North West region, Joseph Mubang is amongst the few people based out of the restive region who come home practically every time the need arises. According to him, his regular presence home is inspired by his desire to see peace return and more so by his conviction that there is no place like home. Like in every family he explains there are problems and you don't solve them by staying away. 

After making a huge donation of medical equipment to the Catholic Archdiocese of Bamenda recently, the Philanthropist has equally announced the offering of free counseling and medication to young people in the North West region who could eventually suffer from post traumatic stress disorders as a result of the armed conflict they are witnessing. 

A few pictures of the Taa Mboneh titling event 

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