Several underprivileged women have of recent been receiving training in income generating activities from the founder of Burita Beads.
The training which is open to commercial sex workers, refugee women from neighboring towns, women with disabilities, widows, minority like mbororo wonen, and unemployed women is being offered free.

Burita Beads training Session

According to Rita Ngabir Founder of Burita Beads who is the lone sponsor of the project “each training session lasts for three months” and “at the end of each session the best are given startup capital in kind.”
Sharing her story recently with the women focused website, Rita Ngabir noted that “Burita beads has gone beyond just selling for profit to empowering women and girls economically” with a current project called Working Widows.
Working Widows she detailed “is a project I conceived, to provide vocational training to unemployed widows in Bamenda between the ages of 18 and 40 years. Hundreds of widows in Cameroon suffer due to high levels of joblessness and poverty after their husbands, who are often the de factor breadwinners die. We support the women to engage in the production/sale of beaded products as a means of fighting poverty.”
Initially started for widows Burita Beads has now expanded to meet the needs of other women. According to the founder “as time went on we saw the need to empower other women in need. Some of our partners saw what we were doing and expressed the need for other women in need to be trained.” We enlarged our sphere of impact she added “because we strongly believe every woman needs to be financially empowered.”
About Burita Beads which is a beading company that deals in the production of beaded products (all beaded accessories.), the Founder says she started with FCFA20 000 in 2015 and three years after she says “the business still has much to achieve but I cannot despise how far it’s grown.  On the international market I do have customers in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and USA. Locally, my produce is consumed by women and men of all works of life, in more than 5 Regions of Cameroon.”

Advising women who may want to start a business but think they don’t have the capital Burita Beads Founder says “Money is not the greatest asset we need in a business. Having the idea and the confidence to deliver is the most important to me. While thinking globally starts locally with the small income you have. I started with just 20.000 Frs. And because of the passion I have for my business I get recommendations from many people. Start with what you have, be daring, believe in what you do, and aim for the best.”
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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