Kom finds missing King

Celebrations have been on high gear in the Laikom (meaning: home of the Kom people) Palace of Kom Kingdom Boyo Division following “sun rise” (appearance of the New Paramount King) in the land. The new king whose appearance follows “Sun set” (the disappearance of the Old Paramount King) last November 22, Hilltop Mail has learned will go by the Royal name HRM Fon Clement Ndzi II.

After Monday’s visit to the forest according to the coronation ritual by the new traditional leader accompanied by well-meaning traditional notables of the Kingdom, The new King returned with fire wood on his head indicating the end of mourning rites for the departed Monarch Vincent Yuh II who ruled the Kom people from 1994 before disappearing at the age of 97.
58years old Fon Clement Ndzi II takes over as the 15th Paramount ruler of the Kom people. Prior to his coronation he was the village head of Anjin while occupying himself as a trader and Councilor and staff of the Belo Council.
Many have been participating in activities amongst them leader of Cameroon’s most populous political party the Social Democratic Front SDF John Fru Ndi. 
Here are a few pictures from Laikom