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Cameroon Cup 2021: Minister Mbayu Felix, NW Governor, others galvanise PWD supporters

By Bakah Derick  The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of external relations incharge of the Commonwealth has challenge supporters of PWD social football club of Bamenda to cheer the club till the end of their Cameroon Cup final against Astre of Douala this Sunday in Yaounde.   The fervent and diehard supporter of the Abakwa Boys himself nicknamed Abakwa Boy stormed the Omnisport base of the supporters in the early  hours of Sunday with a message of gratitude and encouragement to the supporters who have not only travelled long distances to be in Yaounde but also for the challenging security context in which they live especially in the North West and South West Regions.  "Your presence here is to cheer up the team no matter what. Cheer up the team till the end." The Minister reiterates. Minister Mbayu with other supporter s  It should be recalled that a new bus has been handed to the club bought with funds from a fundraiser initiated by the

Cameroon Cup 2021: NWCA-Kola Coffee accompanying PWD, Supporters in Yaounde

  By Bakah Derick  The North West Co-operative Association (NWCA) is making a strong presence in Yaounde following the involvement of PWD social football club of Bamenda in this year's Cup of Cameroon finals.  North West Governor with his Kola Coffee pack as he visits Supprters ahead of the finals (picture by  Ndzomo Zingui for PWD supporters group.)  The coffee farmers co-operative under the leadership of Timothy Waindim, General Manager dispatched not fewer than five persons from the marketing department to ensure the Abakwa Boys and their supporters get the much needed moral support for their trophy chase.  Early Sunday morning, Supprters have been warming up themselves with the uniquely grown and processed coffee from the highlands of the North West Region of Cameroon.  As an official sponsor of PWD Bamenda, NWCA-kola Coffee representatives in Yaounde are also bearers of good tiding messages from the over 35000 small peasant farmers across the highlands

Elite Championships 2022: North West clubs, supporters mobilising to take country by storm

By Bakah Derick  Football Clubs in the North West Region irrespective of level have been engaged in uncommon actions geared towards putting up a five star performance as the season begins later this month. From the elite to women and regional championship teams, preparations have been similar with visible signs and intentions to be conquering and professional this sesson. With two Cameroon cup titles, a championship title, the North West has for many years occupied the leading roll in national competitions and are sparing no effort to do so this season though still lacking in infrastructure.  Visible actions around clubs   Yong Sports Academy (YOSA)  The 2013 cup of Cameroon winner has been multiplying friendly games with Coach Nkabyo Martin noting that a few of his players have left but a good core is still around. Since the regional pre-season tournament in February where the team's participation was far below expectation, the dusty big Mankon school field has welcome

PWD Bamenda: Where is the team's community bus, cup of Cameroon ambition?

By Bakah Derick  March 19, 2021 remains a historic day in the life of PWD social football club of Bamenda. This day on their way to Yaounde for a league fixture against Dragon of Yaounde, the team's 30 seater bus went up in flames before the very eyes of helpless players, technical staff and team administrators.  The cause of the fire is not known till date. The team will then be given several days with matches postponed to recover from the sad incident as transportation was now a daunting task.  PWD Bamenda  As if North West elite were waiting for the incident, contributions which we gathered were spearheaded by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of external relations in charge of the Commonwealth Felix Mbayu were immediately launched. Before Saturday 20 March 2021 could end, over 40million Francs CFA had been raised. In less than a week, over 50 million was reported. The sum which the coordinators said was lodged in a bank with the account details circulating, was

Players contract falsification: PWD leadership at daggers drawn with team captain

By Bakah Derick  Lastly updated at 10: 15pm 14/11/2021 Tchindo John Bosco has expressed concerns that could affect his stay at PWD Bamenda. The player who is one of the captains of PWD SC of Bamenda expressed his concerns in a complained which Hilltopvoices got a copy  submitted to the Sodikombo Gendamerie chief, targeting PWD club President over unclear issues surrounding his contract with the team.  Tchindo John Bosco on official assignment for PWD in Lybia Following an article published by the online portal , hilltopvoices set out to investigate. Hilltopvoices is actually in possession of two complaints; with one from the player and another from the father. The authenticity of the documents has been established from both his father and player.  Both complains point to the fact that Tchindo John Bosco is a minor and could not sign a contract. In his own complain, the player said he referred the club to his father since he was a minor and his father&#