* Christians vow to close all schools and Churches if sealed hospital is not opened
* Women deliver in open air as clinic due women are sent home
*  Rejected Matron Returns to work with official handover expected soon
* Attempted rubbery reported
* Breaking: Traditional Council steps in
* Okada union meets the Archbishop 
* Hospital pharmacy opens but no admission or surgery
* The Tumentain Peters narrative on the Njnikom hospital

The relationship between authorities of the Archdiocese of Bamenda and the over 100years old (centenary parish) St Anthony Parish of Njinikom seem to be going sour following a chain of events and the meeting of the local administration and the population this Monday November 13, 2017.

For sometime now the faithfuls in the local church have been demanding for more priests to attend to the spiritual needs of the ever growing number of Catholic Christians in Njinikom to no avail. With about ten mission stations, a Christian confirmed on the line to Njinikom that there is no time they have had more than three priests.
By virtue of age, some of the faithfuls say Njinikom is already over due for a diocese a request which seems not okay for the authorities of the Archdiocese of Bamenda to which Njinikom belongs as a parish.
The most recent incident is the forceful ousting  of the overseer of the St Martin de Pores Catholic hospital Njinikom by the population November 4. From what we gathered Rev Sister Marie Olive Ngah was indicted by the population for attempting to transfer their hospital equipment to Bafut. Though we have not been able to hear from the Rev Sister Kum Matron, the population is embittered by the fact that in the 90s, there was an attempt to transfer the hospital to Bafut which failed due to intervention from many fronts.
The Matron is also said to have reduced salaries of some overpaid staff as compared to their qualifications mostly those who did iservice training and increased for those she found deserving. Those whose salaries were reduced and those dismissed for faulcifying certificates have been suspected to be behind the standoff that ended with the sealing of the hospital by the Archbishop of Bamenda His Grace Cornelius Fontem Essua.
Things took a serious turn this Monday morning as Women who showed up for clinic were all sent home with one who came from as far as Bafmeng having to be delivered of her baby in open air before being taken to the Fanantui district health center.
While the Mayor for Njinikom Chah Bam Terence joined the Divisional Officer for Njinikom and the Senior Divisional Officer for Boyo for a meeting in the hospital, a cross section of the population moved straight to the residence of the Sub Chief for Njinikom whose name we got as Yindo Mbah where they declared that if the sealed hospital is not opened all Catholic schools in Njinikom will be closed.
At the time of this report there were signs the Archbishop of Bamenda His Grace Cornelius Fontem Essua could hit the road for Njinikom.
St Anthony's Parish Njinikom is the oldest Parish in the Archdiocese of Bamenda with a committed following by faithfuls.
The sealing of the Njinikom hospital comes just a few days after St Patrick Catholic Church Kedjom Kitingoh (small Banbangki) was sealed following the burning of the sacristy being the room where important church vestments are kept.


Priest escapes linching for saying Mass in Njinikom

After Crisis Meeting, Elites Petition Bishop

Day two of the standoff between between the population of Njinikom and authorities of the Catholic church in the Archdiocese of Bamenda took a new twist Tuesday November 14 after message circulated that the Parish Priest of the local parish was celebrating the morning Holy Mass in the Parish Church which has been declared closed by the populace.
Before the population could arrived the church, the Mass was over. But unfortunately the Rev Fr whose name we got as Pascal AMBE who exchanging morning pleasantries with the Christians was almost engaged into a scuffle by the youths who had assembled to get answers as to why the church could organise a Mass with the current impasse.According to sources close to the Parish house in Njinikom, the Holy Mass was celebrated following request by some of the. Christians most of them elderly persons. The incident however did not last long as the priest quickly retired to the parish house.
The Archbishop whose address was not welcomed by the people is said to have left Njinikom leaving behind his car which tires could be seen flattened this morning in front of the parish house believed to have been tempered with by the population.
A majority of the patients have left the hospital with the remaining few also parking out. A crisis meeting has been organised this Wednesday by the Divisional Officer for Njinikom, with other elites and top ranking personalities from within the Subdivision expected in attendance.

The Tumentain Narrative 

The Njinikom Catholic Hospital crisis of November 4, 2017
 (as witnessed by Julius Peeters Tohmuntain Esq) 661 477 455

Brief Background:  
What is today called the St. Martin de Porres Catholic General Hospital Njinikom, was started by the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis (TSSF) in January 1953.  They were Sr. Camilla  Geier, Sr. Augusta Kerschbaumer, and Sr. Margaret Mary Kibverla.  They ran a Dispensary and a Maternity with Autorisation Number:  RCM Maternity Home Njinikom in Wum District, Bamenda Province has been registered as a Medical institution E.R.M.3,  signed by the Director of Medical Services, Eastern Region of Nigeria.   As clearly as records show, it was one George Nkuo, today Bishop of Kumbo who was the first child delivered in the new Maternity on the 8th of that month.  The Maternity was located at the present St. Maria Goretti’s Girls’ School site, a Girls’ School that had been detached from the St. Anthony’s Boys’ School in 1945.  Anna Atang, later to become Mrs. Anna Foncha (John Ngu Foncha’ wife), became the first Headmistress of that famous Girls School.  Today, that Girls’ Primary School is called the St. Maria Goretti’s School (SAMAGS), a Secondary since 1997.
Progress for the new Health Unit was rapid, as it was transformed into a Catholic Hospital, when Fr. Leo van Son supervised the first buildings of the Hospital in 1961.  As a prelude to officially opening of the Hospital, the second Bishop of Beau, Jules Peeters, came to Njinikom and blessed the new buildings on March 13, 1963.  On Wednesday 19th April 1963, Cameroon’s President Amadou Ahidjo travelled to Njinikom by road and inaugurated the Hospital as Catholic General Hospital Njinikom.  He was accompanied in that trip by the West Cameroon Secretary of State for Social Welfare, Mr. Augustine Ngom Jua, who would become Prime Minister of West Cameroon in 1965.  After inaugurating the Hospital, the President said “I have been very happy to have inaugurated this very beautiful useful Hospital. My great appreciation to all those who contributed to its realization”.  On the 19th of December 1963, President Ahidjo’s wife, Germain Ahidjo also visited the hospital.  While in the Hospital she said “It is with pleasure that I have had to visit this Hospital.  I thank all those who endeavor every day to administer the necessary treatment, and for the warmth reserved for these babies in the maternity.  Cameroon will recognize their great endeavor”
Matrons of the Hospital have been as follows:
Sr. Ruth Gamper from Italy, 1963 to 1967
Sr. Lydia Pardella, Italy, 1967 to 1969
Sr. Maria Rosa Fotabong, Cameroon, 1969 to 1974
Sr. Relindis Piazza, Italy, 1974 to 1984
Sr. Maria Rosa Fotabong, Cameroon, 1984 to 1991
Sr. Eva Maria Kaufhold, Italy, 1991 to 1996
Sr. Gabriela Nena, Cameroon, 1996 to 1999
Sr. Xaveria Ntenmusi, Cameroon, 1999 to 2014
Sr. Olive Marie Nga, Cameroon, 2014 to 4th Nov. 2017
The first Resident Dr. was one Dr. Carson from USA.  Later on, 13 Resident Doctors from Holland, 2 from Britain, one each from Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Ghana and Zaire, 5 from USA, 2 from Guinea Conakry and 13 from Cameroon.  It has a bed capacity of over 235 as of 2016.
Between 1963 and 2011, the Hospital has conducted 141.652 Operations, 121.992 Deliveries and 2.811.402 Consultations.  The Hospital also runs outreach Health Centres at Ngwa, Ilung, Achain, Mbessa, Elemighong and Mbueni. (Mbueni was shut in 2015)
First Rumour to transfer the Hospital
On Monday July 8, 1991, hundreds of youths stormed the Hospital and requested to see the Matron, Sr. Maria Rosa Fotabong.  This was against a backdrop of widespread rumours that she had concluded plans to shut down the Hospital and move the equipment to Mambo Bafut on the grounds that the Hospital was not breaking even.  At the hospital, she explained that she was not aware of a thing like that.  The youths left in great doubt, but sent an ultimatum that she should leave Njinikom on July 12, 1991.  Since it had never been seen that a population ever confronts an authority to ask questions, it was reported instantly that the youths invaded the hospital, beat up the Rev. Sisters and set the hospital ablaze.  It was on that basis that a military Helicopter came to Njinikom, hovered up and down but failed to see the hospital reported to have been burnt. The intent of that communication was to pain Njinikom young people as bad gain. By 5:30 pm, a truck load of armed Gendarmes invaded Njinikom, arrested some 3 boys, bundled them to Bamenda.  The Matron too left Njinikom that same night.  Not a flower was destroyed in the hospital talk less of insulting or beating a Rev. Sister.
 Other institutions have been transferred from Njinikom to other places before.  Hence a rumour or a behavior that gives the impression that the hospital will be transferred, has always never been taken for granted by many people here.  In 1935, a Catechist Training School was opened in Njinikom.  It was transferred.  In 1944, a Catholic Teachers Training College was opened in Njinikom.  In 1948, it was transferred to Bambui.  In 1963, the St. Bede’s College was opened in Njinikom.  Though, still in Kom, it was moved to Ashing in 1965.  In 1963 as well, Rev. Fr. Anthony Jansen started the Credit Union in Njinikom.  Its head quarters was moved to Fundong.  In 1997, the Spiritual Centre, part of the Major Seminary that was opened in Njinikom was transferred to Bafut. The only thing that has not been threatened to be transferred from Njinikom is the St. Anthony’s Parish that was opened in 1927 and the St. Anthony’s School opened the next year.
Remote Causes of the November 4, 2017 incident
 Although not expected to be Matron ad infinitum, the exit of Sr. Xaveria as Matron of this hospital, opened the flood gates for trouble.  Understandably because she left her mark, an indelible one so to speak.  Most visible are infrastructural, which include, the new Theatre worth 72 million funded by Benefactors in Holland, the Maternity building 174 million by the same Benefactors, the Pharmaceutical Production Unit 45 million funded by benefactors in the USA called Medicines for Humanity, New Private Wards by Benefactors from Holland, the new Laboratory, Generators and two vehicles by Holland, and etc etc.   All this was a direct result of efficient personal lobbying prowess of Sr. Xaveria.
On March 14, 2014, Sr. Xaveria was replaced by Sr. Olive Marie Nga as the former was elected as the Counsellor for Health in the TSSF Cameroon Provence.  Young and energetic, the new Matron completed the modern Kitchen, paved the rest of the path ways of the Hospital, built a 2 storey additional building for other Theatre use, sent some 12 Kom junior Nurses for further training, and acquired an Autocleave for the Pharmacy worth more than 10 million.  But this initiative has been blighted by what people have observed of her.  Much of the information comes from the hundreds of the disgruntled staff of her hospital on deep rooted grievances.  Some of the things they say include:
She created a deep wound in their hearts when she slashed their salaries.
She scraped their seniority Bonuses, insisting they should be able to survive on their salaries because others don’t even have.
She stopped registering them into Mutual Health.
She made it mandatory that for any staff to see her, must book for audience in writing, she grants it and then gives date before a staff can meet her, thereby making her office out of bounds for them.
That the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis TSSF have the policy that a female staff who gets pregnant out of wedlock, will leave her job.  But that one Blessing from Banso who got pregnant without a potential husband, was allowed.  She delivered, went on Maternity Leave and resumed her duty as normal.  While others have been fired even when they introduced their suitors.
That during each Staff Meeting she tells the staff that she has the yam and the knife, insisting she is proud to be Banso, and if she draws a battle line no Kom person will cross, but if a Kom draws his, she will cross.
That she caused the resignations of many Kom people, while at the same time, recruiting no more people from other places but Banso.
That the Labour cases at Fundong by sacked staff have been too much for her period of just 3 years as Matron, when Sr. Xaveria had none in 14 years
She stopped the Performance Based Financing (PBF) by which staff used to have some pecuniary motivation.
She shut down Project Hope, the HIV/AIDS unit which had been operating since October 2000.
She shut down the Cyber Café where staff used to do some research.
She stopped all Foreign Volunteers from coming to the Hospital, including European Student Nurses and Doctors.
They no longer benefit family allowances from the Social Insurance.
She no longer pay salaries on the last week of the month.  She chooses just whenever she wants during the first week of the new month to pay, thereby distabilising their “Njangi” and other end of month financial engagements.
If just one of the above is true, then the inevitability of her downfall had been foretold.
The above are some of the things spread around by her staff.  Below are some of what people say in the community:
She inflates patients’ bills.
She is so insolent
She is not even known in Njinikom since they never see her in places  such as at Mass in the Church and in high places where the Hospital is expected to be present, even when a Bishop is visiting Njinikom on official celebrations as was the case on May 21st 2017 and on October 19, 2017, and when the new D.O for Njinikom was being installed on September 18, 2017.
She is too tribalistic in that, all unskilled labour in the hospital is done by children from Banso.  She stopped the Holiday job which used to engage some children in July, and others in August.
That most often, her private Driver, one Sixtus is seen at late hours of the night leaving Njinikom with the hospital Double cabin Hilux, and he only returns the next day.  What does he take out in the night, and to where, they would wonder.
That she makes some patients suffer to cook in the kitchen because she stopped people selling firewood at the hospital small market, insisting each person must use the kichen gas cooker.  But they pay each time they have to use it.  But some do not always have money to pay, and so could have used but firewood.  But if one is caught using fire paid by another person, the former will pay a fine of 5000 frs.  (the notice is pasted all over there)
There are many other things bee said around.
Immediate cause of the November 4, revolt.
The Matron, Sr. Olive, who was now calling herself as Administrator, and insisting that the staff must so become used to the new title, had said in staff meetings the Holland benefactors will no longer come to Njinikom again.  And that people should not just be getting assistance without knowing where it is coming from.  She informed that she was not the one stopping them not to come.  Soon, it was rumoured that she was the one who had asked her Superior to write and stop the Holland Team never to come to Njinikom again.  Later, it was heard that the Team has decided to come to Njinikom on November 14, 2017 to collect their Orthopaedic surgical equipment.  Soon, bike riders fueled the rumours that truly, she the Matron, has been sneaking things out of the Hospital through her driver at nightfall.  They add rather convincingly to those who wish to listen that, “this Matron has decided to ruin the hospital so that the Franciscan Sisters can find reason to shut it down. Instantly ugly deeds started to rent the air.  The knowledge that other institutions have been transferred from Njinikom in the past, the youths secretly plan to meet the Matron on Saturday November 4.  The plan leaked.  The Mayor got wave of it and notified the Matron herself and the Administration.  Whatever transpired between them was too late.
Turning Point
About a hundred youth in Njinikom went to the Hospital on Saturday November 4, 2017 by between 9 and 10 AM.  They stopped at the gate and requested to see the Matron.  She never came.  Calls were made all over.  The one I got from one of the Sisters was that “they are attacking the Hospital” I asked, who attacking.  She said young people.  Asked if they had entered the hospital, she said, they were at the gate.  It was at the gate that I met the D.O Mr. Arrey, and the Commander of Gendarmaries assessing the grievances.  Two other Gendarmes were bearing rifles. The D.O was explaining, and advising for calm if really they came to ask the Matron something.  Soon, they burst out “enough is enough” enough is enough.  As they angrily rent the air with enough is enough, it soon metamorphosed into “Matron must go”.  “She has completed her plan to kill this hospital, so she must go.  We don’t have anything against the hospital or the Sisters.  We want the Matron to go. You, D.O and Gendarme, go tell her that since she has snubbed to talk to us, calling us Banga smokers, she should pack her things and leave today.  The things she has been asking Sixtus to take away from this hospital have to come back.  She said she took only a few things to Batibo”.
The D.O, Commandant and myself went down to the Convent.  Other Sisters were with her too, and she said, they are accusing her of only employing Banso people.  That can’t even be the problem because before she came, Banso people have always been working here, so the issue is elsewhere.  She told us that her Superiors from Shisong were on the way coming.  The D.O conveyed the message back to the angry youths as we returned to the gate.  They said, they will wait for that Superior.
Meantime, the crowd had begun swelling from what originally appeared a  youths’ demands had now turned into a community concern.  Some of the boys made for the Mission and rang the big Church bell.  Each time this bell goes at odd hours, people know automatically that a thing is amazing at the Mission.  As they raced to the Mission, they got exasperated only to continue to the hospital.
Provincial Superior arrives
About 2 PM, the convoy of the Provincial Superior of the TSSF, Sr. Roberta Feh, from Shisong arrived.  Two of three Priests of the Njinikom Parish who had been summoned by their own unauthorized bell had just rushed into the hospital from a Church service at Yang.  The D.O and Commandant were still there as the situation had gone off their own repeated intervention, but they made sure there was order, and indeed, it was right to the end.
The Provincial Superior, Sr. Xaveria, D.O, Priests, CMO, Commandant and a few others stood up the Maternity balcony while the crowd filled the Hospital esplanade.  In their very usual soft style, both Srs. Roberta and Xaveria tried to calm the population.  They explained a few things about the Holland team’s discontinuance in Njinikom, how they started and how it is also good to extend the same assistance to other places, how they do not intend to transfer the hospital etc.  When each said a thing that was known to the people, they approved it, when they said what they have never known, they stay mute, when said what goes against them, they jeered and booed back.
As the visitors from Shisong exhausted their wit, some of the people opened a can of worms on the conduct of the Matron.  At each point, they yelled that she must go, she must go.  Unable to bear it, Sr. Roberta said, “its ok, I will go with her”  the population insisted that it must be now, not tomorrow, else, we will sleep in this compound.
The Matron whom the crowd wished to see her back was still at the Convent.  She never came out from when the temperature began to rise at 9 AM till when she entered the vehicle of her Superior at 5: 20 and took off.  Instantly, the tense atmosphere disappeared as the population as well dispersed from the Hospital.  The same night, the Matron’s driver and one other staff in charge of the Canteen, shoved a clean pair of heels and met the Matron in Bamenda.  If they were working for the Hospital, they had no reason to run to her in Bamenda.  Two other Rev. Sisters, of Banso who were working here (no need for the names here) have been calling the other Sister back in Njinikom on Monday November 13, to run away because Njinikom people were coming to kill them.  They replied to her that there is no such threat here.  The impression they want to establish is that Njinikom people are against Banso people, so that the others can see Njinikom as the most pernicious odious venom that nature ever suffers to crawl upon the surface of the earth.  God forbid!  There are many Banso Sisters here, as always.  The Population wanted the Matron to go.  Her tribe was not, and can never be the cause.
R.I.P Benefactors: The unknown truth
On Tuesday May 2, 2017, the Superior, Sr. Roberta Feh, sent a letter to the Board Chair of Stichting orthopaedische Hulpprojekten in Holland, and said among other things:
“Accept greetings from Cameroon.  It is with deep gratitude that from among many African countries you chose Cameroon and in particular our hospital in Njinikom as one of the places where you could express your goodness towards humanity.  Thank you for the fruitful collaboration that has existed between your organization and ours for so many years.
 Immense thanks for the thousands of children to whom your good work gave a smile as they felt as handsome and beautiful as the rest of mankind.  Their parents too felt relieved and they were no longer ashamed of their children.
 Accept our deep gratitude for your numerous sacrifices which can’t be put into words.  Your physical, financial, material and particularly your intellectual sacrifices are highly recalled with admiration.
 The impact created in our institution shall live forever in the numerous good works you did.  It be of interest for you to know that since 2014, we have experienced an upheaval that has and is affecting quiet a number of our services and relationships…) the stringent audit process which has been ordered by our hierarchy calls to halt and asses or better still, evaluate all aspects of our life and work.  Being the first time our system is undergoing such an activity in the unique way it is done now, requires that we suspend some of our activities and yours happens to be one of them. (……..) God bless you.
Reply from the Holland Team
Thank you for your letter of May 2nd, 2017.  Thank you for your kind words concerning our work in Njinikom for the last 19 years.
We are surprised at the content of this letter, in which you state that our visits to Njinikom hospital are no longer needed nor wanted.  Our Board of Directors of the Foundation Stichting Orthopaedische Hullprojekten is very disappointed after reading your letter.
We do not understand what the “upheaval” is, and why an audit is necessary.  We feel you simply end a relationship between our Foundation and Njinikom Hospital without good reason.  Our Foundation has worked together with the Foundation of Mr. Peter van Leerdam since 1998 to build up a hospital and help 2000 Cameroon children with disabilities and with difficult orthopaedic operations.  The two Foundations have invested more than one million Euros in renovation, buildings, equipment, Theatre tools, goods, generators etc etc.  Our Foundation is committed to work that is so important for the children of Cameroon and provide a future without a wheelchair.  We especially feel sorry for the children who are the victims of your decision.
Furthermore, the Foundation of Madame Nel has financed the education of 45 Nurses to stimulate the education level of the staff.
The Orthopaedic surgical equipment we brought to the Theatre of Njinikom Hospital is vital for our work.  So we will come and collect them at a later date.  Since Orthopaedic surgery will no longer be executed in Njinikom, your hospital does not need this equipment.  We will make appointment later this year.
Thank you.  Dr. Corne.
If ever the population knew that such communication really existed by that November 4th, it would have been a more dramatic turmoil.
The Bomb shell
On the birth day of Martin Luther, (November 10, 1483) the man who brought confusion into the Catholic Church and ended up creating his own, a decision signed by the Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua, shut down the Hospital.  A day before the decision was made public, the Chief medical Officer of the hospital went from one Ward to the other, and discharged patients, including even those who could not walk, sleep or sit.  They had few days to quit the hospital.
On Sunday November 12, 2017, the Superior of the Franciscan Sister, Sr. Roberta had a meeting with the hospital staff, and announced that the Archbishop has “suspended” all activities in the hospital till further notice.  Even the Mortuary had to get rid of the corpses that were there by Friday November 17, she stated.  Even before she left Njinikom, the decision had already been digested by the cross section of the population, it was also announced that the Archbishop will be in Njinikom on Tuesday November 14.
The Archbishop was forced to cancel his Tuesday trip to Njinikom.  He came but on Monday following rioting by the people who said, even in war torn Syria, hospitals are never closed, and they swore that should the Bishop not come to reverse his decision, anything Catholic in Njinikom will also be suspended till further notice.
His arrival at 3:30 had been preceded by a meeting in the Parish House of the D.O, some Priests of Njinikom Deanery, Security of Boyo, Mayor, Hon. Njong and some others.  Already about 2000 people had flooded the Mision and waited impatiently outside as the Archbishop and the people above had discussions in the Fathers’ house.
When they came out, Archbishop said, he was sorry for what happened and that he has come so that we talk and things get back to normal again.  But he further shocked everyone again when he said, he has not closed the Njinikom hospital.  People fired back in total disturbance what is the difference between “suspending all activities” and closing the hospital.  He tried and obtained some silence.  He added that he has heard from the meeting they held and now he would like to have something written from the population before he sees into how we resolve.  The crowd shouted back that they will not write anything, insisting he should order that work resume in the hospital tonight or tomorrow, else, that would give rise to upheavals.
As the angry disturbance continued unabated, he asked the crowd to say what the real problem was. Two people spoke, and narrated how other institutions have come to Njinikom and were transferred as mentioned above.  They stated that Njinikom has never been against anybody because of tribe.  They are not against any Banso.  This has been a second time it is rumoured that the hospital will be transferred as was the case in 1991.  They added that the  Matron was ousted on account of her own persistent misconduct not because she hails from Banso because Kom has nothing against Banso.  They named all the nine Matrons who have run the hospital peacefully.  And ended that what they want now was for the Bishop to say when work will resume in the hospital while his investigation continues.  The Bishop said it will resume as soon as possible.  But the people said as soon as possible is not clear, so he should give a time frame.  He said, the hospital does not have a Matron and assistant and a cashier so he can’t just say a date.  The crowd concluded that the Bishop was unwilling to end the crisis, and so were very disappointed.  They angrily shouted how justified is the Archbishop when he addressed memoranda to President Paul Biya to dialogue on the Anglophone problem when he himself is unable to have dialogued with the Administration of Boyo and Priests who were present on November 4, before taking a decision.  He takes a decision, it backfires before he is coming for dialogue, they wondered.  They concluded that since he pretended that he was coming to solve a problem, but refused to, it therefore suggests he really intends to punish the communities because of one healthy Matron.  People yelled, that he was hard hearted and so does not bother about the helplessness of those who were caught in his outrageous decision.
Meantime, the repercussions of the reckless decision to shut down the hospital had begun.  A pregnant woman who was heading for delivery in the hospital was overturned this Monday morning at the hospital gate and she delivered herself on the way as she was being rushed to Mbingo hospital.  Countless helpless patients were seen being ferried away from the hospital buildings which the Archbishop said was not closed.
By the time he sneaked out of the Father’s House in the night, he had said no more to the waiting crowd outside, thereby making his trip to Njinikom a no useful exercise.  We later heard he said, he will come back next Monday 20th.
The Archbishop does not need to come to Njinikom again.  What people want is for him to say when the hospital will resume work in order to deescalate an already very volatile situation.
 To be continued if…The Njinikom Catholic Hospital crisis of November 4, 2017
 (as witnessed by Julius Peeters Tohmuntain Esq) 661 477 455

Derick BAKAH

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