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Calasanzian Fathers Celebrate 400th Anniversary

Activities marking the Calasanzian Jubilee Year have ended Worldwide with a climax event taking place in St Michael’s Parish Future Nkwen in Bamenda. A Pontifical High Mass to close the special Jubilee marking the 400 th anniversary of the founding of the Piarist Order of Pious Schools took place Saturday December 9, 2017 celebrated by the Bishop of Kumbo His Lordship George Nkuo.  Calasanzian Fathers Celebrates 400th Anniversary The High Mass which was one of a series of activities to mark the closing of the Jubilee year gave the Piarist Order the opportunity to celebrate two of theirs in the Province of Central Africa Rev Fr. Angel Velenzuela Sch P. and Rev Fr. Emilio Calcena Sch P who both celebrate golden jubilees of Priesthood and Solemn profession respectively and the Solemn Profession and Deaconate Ordination of three of their brothers. Prior to the Closing High Mass youths from across Cameroon particularly from areas where the Piarist are present like Kumbo,

73 years old Priest celebrates golden jubilee of Solemn Profession.

Rev Fr Emilio Calcena Rev Father Emilio Calcena has been celebrating the golden jubilee of his Solemn Profession into the Piarist Order. Celebrations that have been taking different forms including special Masses got to its climax Saturday December 9, 2017 in Futru Nkwen when Rev Fr Akem Evaristus Ndi Sch. P. Provincial Superior of the Piarist Fathers for Central African officially in a Pontifical High Mass handed over a gift with Papal Blessings to the golden Jubilee celebrant. In a word of appreciation to Father Emilio and another Piarist Priest Rev Father Angel Valenzuela Sch. P. who is celebrating his Golden Jubilee as a Priest, the Provincial Superior described them as pillars of the Religious Order in Cameroon. “we are gather here to celebrate the 50years of fidelity to God of Fr Emilio and Fr Angel….on behalf of the province I will like to extend our deepest gratitude to Fr Angel and Emilio these two pillars of our mission not only in Cameroon in Futru in particular w

Bamenda III Council prioritizes roads in 2018 budget

Bamenda III Councilors in Session The Bamenda III Council of Mezam Division in the North West Region has made public the intention to develop the road network within the municipality. The intention was made known during the budgetary session of the council Tuesday December 5, 2017.    According to the Finance Committee corroborated by the Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe, the municipal body will be dedicating the lion’s share of the 2018 budget to improving road network within the municipality. With close to FCFA 200 Million moving up from 140 last year, the council hopes to open new roads, rehabilitate and maintain old ones which according to the Mayor will effectively accompany the development process in council area particularly at the time when the strategic development plan of the council will be reviewed and updated.  With FCFA 589 million as the global budget balanced in revenue and expenditure, the council also intends to improve while continuously maintaining th

Rainbow FC, Kumbo Strikers, others booted out of NW Mini Inter pools

Prominent football teams have been prematurely booted out of the North West Mini inter pools at infancy.

Kom finds missing King

Celebrations have been on high gear in the Laikom (meaning: home of the Kom people) Palace of Kom Kingdom Boyo Division following “sun rise” (appearance of the New Paramount King) in the land. The new king whose appearance follows “Sun set” (the disappearance of the Old Paramount King) last November 22, Hilltop Mail has learned will go by the Royal name HRM Fon Clement Ndzi II. After Monday’s visit to the forest according to the coronation ritual by the new traditional leader accompanied by well-meaning traditional notables of the Kingdom, The new King returned with fire wood on his head indicating the end of mourning rites for the departed Monarch Vincent Yuh II who ruled the Kom people from 1994 before disappearing at the age of 97. 58years old Fon Clement Ndzi II takes over as the 15 th Paramount ruler of the Kom people. Prior to his coronation he was the village head of Anjin while occupying himself as a trader and Councilor and staff of the Belo Council. Many have