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Bamenda III Council: Water scheme gets solar energy, dosage boost

By Bakah Derick The optimisation of the Bamenda III Council water purification plan has continued with the addition of solar energy to the plant.  The team of foreign and local experts have been working on the plant with the objective of improving qualify and quantity.  The solar energy system installed in this optimisation phase is expected to solved the general hydroelectric irregular supply in the area.  Work is also being done on the dosing pumps to ensure the right chemicals needed for the treatment and purification process get into the plant.  The slightly over five years old water scheme is the fruit of  cooperation between the Bamenda III Council and Trinkwasser Association of the Trier City council in Germany. The project was launched on December 1, 2016 in a heavily attended ceremony with the German Ambassador to Cameroon present.  So far several quarters and hundreds of households are consuming the water.  The Bamenda III Counc

FECAFOOT NW: North West Referees President admits debts; says efforts to pay are underway

By Bakah Derick The President of the association of referees for the North West regional league of the Canefiin Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has admitted that the league owes them some money.  Jani Benedict NW Referees Association President Speaking to Hilltopvoices on Thursday 30 September 2021, Jani Benedict explained that the league owed them money but paid part before the start of the 2021 regional interpools. He admitting that some is still to be paid but seemingly does not remember how many days are unpaid.  "Before the interpools, they tried to pay what they were owing the referees up to the 8th day of play out of 10 if not mistaken. So I know that they are still owning them two days of play. Then for the mini interpools, I know they are still owning them (off course they were few referees) semi finals and finals." Jani Said The referees leader has however remained hopeful indicating that efforts are underway to settle the debts.  "I think the Presid

FECAFOOT NW: Officials mute as referees go unpaid since 2019

By Bakah Derick  Officials of the North West regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) have remained mute despite complains by referees of non payment of their due since 2019.  According to some referees who spoke to Hilltopvoices (names withheld by us to avoid characteristic victimisation.) they have not received payments since 2019.  The details we gathered indicate that these men and women who risk their lives in an already risky environment for very little have not received payments for the:  -last two playing days of the NW regional league 2019/20 season, - last two playing days NW regional league 2020/21, - NW Mini-Interpools 2021,  1/2 finals and finals and  -Cup of Cameroon eliminatries 2021 last 2 playing days not paid. When we contacted the Secretary  General of the Regional League Elvis Ndi charged with the organisation of competitions, he referred us to his league President. The league president is yet to reply to us after we sent him a mess

AFCON 2021: Rene Katche dedicates Communications committee appointment to Tole

By Bakah Derick Rene Katche has dedicated his appointment as member of the comminications committee of the up coming Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon to Tole his place of birth.  The appointment of the award winning sportscaster working for the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) is contained in a decision signed by the President of the AFCON local organising committee Prof Narcisse Mouelle Kombi.  Rene Katche  Describing the appointment as God's Grace on his Facebook page, the astute journalism professional said  "HERE WE GO! GOD'S GRACE! Hello guys! I'm glad to announce to you my appointment as a member of the communication commission for the up coming 2021 Africa cup of Nations in Cameroon by sports and physical education minister Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi."  Currently the Vice President of the Cameroon Sports Journalists Association (CSJA) for the Littoral regional chapter and Public Relations Officer for the Clinton Njie Foundation, Rene

Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya passes on: Rigobert Song's tribute

Rigobert Song Bahanag writes  "A page in Cameroon's history turns with the disappearance of Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya.  But his actions in the field of sport and football has left indelible footprints.    By becoming Sultan, king of the Bamouns, he remained very attached to values, to men.  Easy to approach and permanently relaxed.  He knew how to put his interlocutors at ease, often with the right word for each one.  The king is dead, long live the king.  Sweet rest Mfôn Mbière." 

Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya passes on: NW Fons console Bamoun Royal Family

By Bakah Derick The President of the North West House of Chiefs has sent words of condolence to the Bamoun Royal family. The message contained in a press release by H.R.M Fon Yakum Kevin extends the condolences of not only the House of Chiefs but also of the Fons of the North West Region.  "The President of North West House of Chiefs, H.R.M. Fon Yakum Kevin Teuvih on behalf of North West House of Chiefs, on behalfof the Fons of North West Region and on his personal behalf, expresses his heartfelt condolences to the Senate, People of the Bamouns and to the Bamoun Royal Family following the surprised disappearance of Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya." Fon Yakum writes  The leader of the House of Chiefs also highlights the relationship between the region and the departed Sultan "Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya was a source of inspiration to all and served as a mentor to many traditional rulers. I remember him as a father to whom I ran for counsel in diverse areas. His di

Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya passes on: Samuel Eto'o mourns 'father', great sports man and King

By Bakah Derick The former captain of the senior men's National Football team of Cameroon has addressed an affectionate tribute to the Sultan and King of the Bamouns who passed on in the early hours on Monday 27 September 2021.  Describing the fallen former minister of Sports and President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) his potential predecessor, as "our father", the four times African player of the year award winner notes "A veil of sadness and emotion has seized me since the announcement of the death of our father: His Majesty Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, Sultan of the Bamouns."   The FECAFOOT presidential aspirant sees more to the passing on of the monarch.  "With the death of the Bamoun monarch, our country has lost a visionary king who was close to his people, a library, and a buffer for our common life. My affliction is also personal. I had the privilege to drink from the source of the immense wisdom of this man of peace." He

Football Coaching: Anumewa Franklin and Sama Kenneth a duo deserving of gun salutes

By Bakah Derick  Anumewa Franklin and Sama Kenneth have added to their credentials another outstanding achievement in grassroot football development. The two repeated an uncommon achievement on Saturday September 25, 2021 as they qualified Rangers FC Bafut for the Elite Two championship at the close of the National Interpools.  It is the second time the two have worked together to produce similar results. In 2019, the duo masterminded the qualification of Foncha Street (now relegated) for the Elite Two. While in Bertoua that year, the two showed an unexpected understanding of the beautiful resulting in remarkable victories. Very little was heard of the two when they came. Anumewa later parted ways with Foncha Street as Sama Kenneth continued with his duties as deputy trainer in charge of physical fitness of the U-23 national football team.  While Anumewa Franklin took the job of trainer with least expected Rangers FC Bafut, Sama Kenneth was added another cap as head of the

FECAFOOT Elections: Samuel Eto'o presidential candidate calls on FIFA for vigilance in four page missive

By Bakah Derick  Aspirant for the post of President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has addressed a four page missive to the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) calling for vigilance as the electoral process of the Fooball Association (FA) goes underway  Samuel Eto'o The letter addressed to the Secretary general of FIFA Fatma Samoura on the 21 of September 2021 according to the author Samuel Eto'o Fils has as objective "to call your attention and vigilance on some facts and actions being carried out by current officials that can discredit the electoral process at FECAFOOT and constitute offences that could lead to the cancellation of the said process."  The three part epistle to FIFA handles; what could constitute offences, actions contrary to sports ethics and public moral as well as violations of FECAFOOT and National laws.  Amongst the many issues raised, Samuel Eto'o is worried about the quality of delegates for

FECAFOOT Elections: First candidate for North West League declares

By Bakah Derick  North West now has the first candidate to manefest interest for the office of President for the regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT). Neba George Shu made public his intention on the evening of Saturday 25/September 2021. In his declaration message, the National Interpools winning president of Rangers FC Bafut writes  "I have decided to officially declare my candidature to run as president of FECAFOOT North West Regional Bureau. I know this decision  is coming at a time many least expected. My prime objective is to restructure  Football in our region."  Neba George Shu has expressed concerns around the organisation of football in the refion which be believes he can fix if voted President.  "You will all bear with me that for the past three years our regional football has been a sham, not to talk of the desolation of the divisional Football leagues. In my 11 years of active participation in the promotion of football i

National Interpools 2020/2021: Hon Agho Oliver, Mayor Ngwakongo, others celebrate Rangers FC qualification with 2.5MFCFA

By Bakah Derick The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bafut-Tubah constituency has handed 1.5MFCFA in cash to Rangers FC of Bafut following their qualification for the Elite two championship. The visibly satisfied Hon Agho Oliver handed the money which he said was the result of a mobilisation which he initiated to ensure that Rangers FC had no issues with their qualification and immediately after.  Hon Agho Oliver handing the sum to the team captain... According to the MP the Minister of Territorial Administration Nji Paul Atanga, Minister delegate in charge of the Common World at the Ministry of External Relation Mbayu Felix, Social Entrepreneur and MP Hon Ngala Gerald, and others heard his cry and in their usual magnanimity responded positively.  While expressing gratitude to those who made the support for Rangers FC possible  through him, Hon Agho Oliver reminded the players and technical staff of the team that the first journey has just ended and they must work hard to main

National Interpools 2020/2021: Rangers FC, AS Lausanne, Gazelles FC qualify for Elite Two

By Bakah Derick  Gazelles FC Garoua North region, AS Lausanne from the Center and Rangers FC Bafut North West being participants at this year's Interpools have qualified for Elite Two championship. Rangers FC Bafut completed the list of three this Saturday 25 September 2021 in the Bamendzi stadium after a 0-0 draw with Best Stars of Limbe Rangers FC Bafut has completed the list of teams qualified for the Elite Two championship for the next season. Rangers FC clinched the ticket for Pool C after a virgin draw with Best stars of Limbe in the last game of the tournament. The highly anticipated encounter failed to produced the expected spectacle but met the objective for Rangers FC.  AS Lausanne from the Center region after a brilliant start against Kohi FC of Maroua had to wait till the last day to show the way out to top class Brasseries Football School EFBC 1-1. They finished top of pool A with five points just like fellow Kohi that whitewashed EFBC with the heaviest def

Breaking News: National Interpools Pool C NW/SW finals clash postponed

By Bakah Derick  Match organising officials have confirmed the postponement of Pool C all important last day fixture pitting Rangers FC Bafut against Best Stars of Limbe.  Initially previewed for 3:30pm on Friday 24 September 2021 at the Bamendzi stadium, FECAFOOT officials on the ground say the match has been moved to Saturday.  "Considering that the last Pool C  game took place on Wednesday, it is important to allow the players have at least a 48hrs break before returning for a other competitive fixture." An official told us Details are.coming soon

National Interpools 2020/2021: That North West vs South West final is here as West bows out

By Bakah Derick en route to Bamendzi  After disappointingly deciding their fate before their home supporters in loosing their first game and drawing the second, Riziere de Tonga has successfully set the stage for that long awaited North West and South West determining class.  Best Stars of Limbe ahead of their draw with Riziere  With three points obtained from humbling Riziere at home 0-2 on day one, Rangers FC Bafut are currently commanding Pool C from the top. They are followed by South West representatives Best Stars Academy that squeezed a point from "wounded" Riziere de Tonga eliminated.   With Rangers FC to take on Best Stars this Friday in Bamendzi, it is clear it will be nothing short of the Pool'sfinal as the winner directly qualifies. This is the option Best Stars of Limbe have.  Thoughts For the Bafut "missionaries", they will need a draw. I certainly will not call it just a draw  because it is not just a draw. That draw that puts you on t

National Interpools 2020/2021: Gazelle FC secures first Elite Two ticket

By Bakah Derick  The representative of the North region has clinched the first Elite Two ticket up for grabs at the ongoing National Interpools in Bafoussam and Limbe.  After beating FC Ebolowa 2-1 in their second outing in Pool C, Gazelles FC confirmed their leadership of the pool with six points. Amadou Mahamat's goal as early as the 8th minute was good enough to set the ticket dream.   The Garoua team beat CPS de Bertoua 2-0 during their tournament opener to record their first three points of the competition.  With Gazelle's qualification, the last game between CPS de Bertoua and FC Ebolowa shall only be a gala match with no consequences. 

National Interpools 2020/2021: AS Lausanne -Les Amis tie sets stage for combat in Pool A on last day

By Bakah Derick in Limbe The virgin tie between AS Lausanne and Les Amis in match six of the ongoing National Interpools has set the stage for what will be a final on the last day of play in Pool A.  After winning their opening fixture, it was hoped that one of the sides could pick a win to ease the tension of the last day in the pool. Unfortunately, the draw handed both sides four points each with possibilities of clinching the lone ticket in the group.  The earlier fixture had instated the Brasseries football school EFBC  after they knocked out Kohi FC with a 2-1 defeat.  This thus gives three clubs the possibility to qualify while Kohi FC heads home.  On the last day, AS Lausanne takes on EFBC while Les Amis takes on already exited Kohi FC.  This means all games remain relevant and could produced a pool winner. AS Lausanne and Les Amis have the possibility to complicate matters should they beat their opponents. Both sides will have seven points and other fact

Breaking News: Bamenda's Chi Ivo backs out of FECAFOOT presidential race, Supports Eto'o, Scores Seidou's tenure

Interview published by A few minutes after the announcement, our editorial staff got in touch with the international player's agent to get his opinion on the officialization of Samuel ETOO's candidacy. Chi Ivo   You wanted to be a candidate for FECAFOOT, is it still the case after the announcement of Samuel ETOO's candidacy? Thanks for the question. Indeed NO! I cannot submit my candidacy following Samuel's. It is truly impossible for me to apply against him since I think it is the best choice Cameroon can have in the history of the presidency of FECAFOOT. If it was not the case I would be a candidate and I think that after him I am the best candidate for this position. He is talented and he has all the experience to bring our football into a glorious time. I'm never going to go against or face Samuel in an election. I am very happy and today is a great day for me because I and my Cameroonian brothers managed to convince Samuel to apply.

FECAFOOT ELECTIONS: Full text of that compelling declaration by Samuel Eto'o

FECAFOOT 2021 ELECTIONS: DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY Dear friends, am honoured and pleased to announce my candidacy for the Presidency of the Cameroon Football Federation. After caretul consideration, I have decided to take this initiative out of love for Cameroon and passion for our football.  To me, It would be an honour to be at the service of the establishment that has bestowed upon me the acoolades I have received so far. I stand before you on this special occasion becaune time is af the essence, Waiting is not an option. It is time to rebuild our football, We Can no longer delay the revamping of our number one sport because the rest of the world is moving on: it is progressing without us In a few months, our country will host the African Cup of Nations. In addition to welcoming players and supporters trom sister African countries, as well as journalists and tourists from all over the world, it will equaly be an opportunity to present to the world the incredible pool of t

Breaking News: Samuel Eto'o finally makes the big announcement

By Bakah Derick Samuel Eto'o has made public his intention to run for the office of President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT). The former captain of Cameroon's national team, two times winner of the African Nations Cup (AFCON) and Olympic games gold medalist for Cameroon made public his intention during the evening hours of Tuesday September 21, 2021.  "YES " Samuel Eto'o said on his Social media accounts publishing an imaged document announcing his candidature.  Born on the March 10, 1981, the record four times winner of the African player of the year award, President of the Eto'o foundation has featured on the list of candidates as delegate to the Littoral regional league from the Sanaga Maritime division.  After being cleared of a possible double nationality hindrance, one of the world's best striker of all times according to pundits has been pictured recently with many State leaders around Africa in what has been described as

FECAFOOT Elections: Calls for Samuel Eto'o to contest for President intensify

By Bakah Derick Calls have continued to flood social media platforms for retired Cameroon International to contest for the office of President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT). From his personal accounts to others, the voices are growing louder by the day.  According to millions of internet users, the two times African Nations Cup (AFCON) winner and Olympic Games medal winner for Cameroon now on retirement is the best thing that can happen to Cameroon football should he become President.  The former captain of the Cameroon national football team is yet to make a statement in response though there are signs he could speak on the matter before the week runs out. Born on the March 10, 1981, the record four times winner of the African player of the year winner, has featured on the list of candidates as delegate to the Littoral regional league from the Sanaga Maritime division.  After being cleared of a possible double nationality hindrance, one of the world's

National Interpools 2020/2021: End of the road for Far North regional representatives Kohi FC

By Bakah Derick in Limbe   Representatives of the Far Region at this year's National Interpools have become the first team to be shown the matching order out of the competition. Kohi FC of Maroua were eliminated after loosing 1-2 to the Brasseries football school EFBC being Littoral regional representatives on Tuesday September 21 2021.  Kohi FC of Maroua eliminated Despite their impressive play, EFBC failed to open score against their opponent but rather scored an own goal by Ibrahim Halilou at the 52nd minute.  EFBC returned to the competition with an equaliser at the 85th via Mughe Regis.  EFBC keeps hope alive  A minute into additional time, Ajuah Nkengafack lodged in goal number two for EFBC making it 2-1.  EFBC has described the win as a result if effective management of pressure. Despite being led, Stephen Oben Ojonh said his boys stayed calm and concentrated thus playing as planned. Coach Oben however believes that away from winning, the

National Interpools 2020/2021: Unofficial Classification

National Interpools 2020/2021: The fights that almost runined the feast for Fans

By Bakah Derick in Bandjoun The hate speech fight As was expected, the tension during matches in Pool C started on the first day. Just shortly after the Riziere de Tonga against Rangers FC Bafut started, a group of supporters on the right side of the Fotso Victor Stadium in Bandjoun started exchanging blows.  Picture of the pitch as Rangers FC celebrated  First it was a tall lanky fellow who dived off his seat headbutting an elderly man with a black round traditional cap to the floor. Then a man in lemon green shirt came in to questioned why the headbutting and before the response could come fists could be seen flying all over the place.  While those who wanted to stop the fight went to work, it emerged from the crowd that one of the spectators had been called an Ambazonian. We could not put a finger on who could have made the pronouncement but this didn't go down well with those who were given the appellation. One would have expected that this be treated as football fa

National Interpools 2020/2021: Haschou Kerridou's copy emerges between sticks for Rangers FC

By Bakah Derick in Bandjoun A lad at the goal post of Rangers FC Bafut during their National Interpools campaign opening fixture against Riziere de Tonga could easily be mistaken for Cameroon's International shotstopper Haschou Kerridou.  Alvin Binsto Anye, not tall, from composure, walk hair cut, facial resemblance and charisma to goal post management was everything the Senior and Intermediate national teams goal post custodian is.  Anye made this complicated with his ball kicks. Celebrated around the country for precise ball kicks to teammates; a quality that puts Haschou Kerridou on a class of his own, the Rangers FC goal man reproduced that with unquestionable exactitude.  "Le petit frère de Kerridou" not too sure of the French correctness, however we understood this to mean "the younger brother of Kerridou" as some fans could be heard shouting as Rangers FC Bafut walloped host regional side Riziere de Tonga 0-2.  "If not because

National Interpools 2020/2021: NW FECAFOOT President confident about Ranger FC Elite Two qualification

From Bakah Derick in Bandjoun The President of the North West regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOO) says he is confident Rangers FC Bafut will clinch one of three Elite two tickets being contested at the National Interpools in the West and South West Regions. Mbigha Felix spoke to just shortly after NW flag bearers recorded an emphatic 0-2 win against Riziere de Tonga.  NW FECAFOOT president in white besides in Bandjoun after match   "We are very prepared to see the team qualify for elite two and we are confident that they will qualify. We are doing our best to motivate the players financially and with the  preparations we had since the regional league ended, we are sure to achieve our objective, which is elite two." Mbigha said  According to the regional FA chief,  the entirely grassfield encounter disputed both on the turf and in the tribune was won by Rangers FC based on the player's longtime knowledge of each other