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ABAKWA FM WAKEUP SHOW THURSDAY June 28 With Ghetto Prince Host Bakah Derick

Kenyan legal expert Lumumba delivers Tiro lecture

Prof P.L.O. Lumumba at the African Cultural Association in Boston

Speech By Kenyan's Prof. Lumumba At The Nigerian Legislature Conference On Anti-Corruption

Prof P.L.O Lumumba: "Africa is on dinner table Eaten by Superpowers"

PCC Ntamulung Multipurpose Hall suffers Arson Attack

Unknown arsonists have attempted to set the giant PCC Ntamulung, Makon Multipurpose Hall located in the heart of the city of Bamenda ablaze. The attempt which went like wild fire on social media presented a situation of a completely hall during the early hours of Tuesday.  When this reporter rushed to the seen at dawn, the hall seemingly untouched could still be seen standing on its location. But a movement round revealed a fire attempt on the basement of the hall which traditionally host Sunday school sessions and other meetings when the need arises. First from the window one could see a blackened floor indicating there was some fire in the building. A closer look will present three chairs showing visible signs of being touched by fire as they are partly melted or blackened. On one of the chairs on the ground are partly burnt offering baskets all in a smelling of fuel. Cross checking how the fire got into the hall, two short sticks could be seen about 5-10m from the wall

After Santa Massacre! NW Elites! Politicians rebuked for silence

After the May 25 incident in Menka Santa Subdivision that left young people in tens dead in their own cold blood has generated both on air and online condemnation as well as rebuke of North West Elites and Politicians for staying silent in the face of what has been described as a massacre. 

FAWCAM actions inspire good news for Donkeys in Cameroon

Activities by the Foundation for Animal Welfare in Cameroon FAWCAM have inspired hope and good news for donkeys in Cameroon. The Premier animal welfare organization in the country has made a significant difference in the lives of about 560 donkeys in Bui Division of the North West Region. Talking to the Guardian Post recently in Bamenda on the work done on the lives of these special animals by the not for profit non-governmental organisation, the Director Prof Ben Fru Wara explained that “when FAWCAM arrived Bui some three years, the main problem encountered were animals with wounds, lameness, respiratory disease and a fungal infection called EZL that can be fatal.” Some of these donkeys he added “were looking weak and many had wounds. Others could not stand for long periods because they had overgrown hooves and injured    legs.” On the owners, the Professor noted that “their owners nearly 500 local subsistence farmers and cattle herders rely on their donkeys to transport g

Bamenda wakes up from over a week of sleep

Streets in Bamenda yesterday bustled with life after over a week of business shutdown.    Businesses widely opened their doors after keeping them closed since Monday April 15. No one can say with exactitude how the people resolved to keep their businesses closed for this long. During this shutdown period, major markets in Bamenda remained opened by the market masters but no shop owner opened their specific. As they opened their shops this Tuesday, many buyers could be seen rushing to pick one or two things.  Holding a shopping bag in front of the Bamenda main market, Magratte Bih tells me “I am expecting a baby anytime from now and I had to rush here early to do my shopping. No one knows what can happen next here in Bamenda. Some of us in this town just get up and see things happening. I had to call to someone to find out if shops were open. Thank God they are that is why I came.” “My brother I don’t know where we are going with this thing. Some of us have just become debt

Thousands empty jugs of Palm Oil after Lake Awing “Explosion” for fear of neglect like Nyos victims

The demand for the local cooking ingredient palm old produced from palm nuts got to an all-time high level during the early hours of last Saturday. The ingredient witnessed the strange demand just shortly after midnight when information went viral that Lake Awing in Awing Village of Santa Subdivision in Mezam Division of the North West Region had exploded releasing a toxic substance whose antidote was only palm oil. The message made rounds via phone calls, SMS and all social media networks.  “SOS The Lake Awing has exploded just like it happened in Lake Nyos. Please everybody should take red oil eat some and put some in their nostrils.. Save lives by forwarding this message to your friends and family members.” One of the messages read “Good morning everyone urgent urgent urgent! An explosion has occurred in Lake Awing and there are toxins in the air, look for palm oil (red) apply on your nostrils and eat some immediately. Please circulate as fast as possible.” Another read