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Why is Ramadan important for Muslims?

Ramadan is upon us once again. Here is what happens during the holy month.

Ndop-Ngoketunjia in tears as pediatric HIV/AIDS project closes down

First Published by Cameroon's lone English Language Daily Newspaper The Guardian Post  Parents of children living with HIV/AIDS in Ndop, Ngoketunjia Division have expressed discontent with the eventual closure       of the “Active Search for Pediatric HIV/AIDS   (ASPA)”, project from the Division.

UNDP and African CSOs launch Mobile Application to counter violent extremism

A workshop on developing effective communication strategies and interventions to alter the impact of prevalent narratives encouraging violent extremism in Sub Saharan Africa has ended in Accra-Ghana assembling Civil Society Organisation CSOs from the sub region.  UNDP Mobile App Launch Accra Ghana  Organised by the United Nations Development Programme UNDP in partnership with Albany Associates, the workshop from the 16 - 21 st of April had the approval and launching of a Mobile Application to help design campaigns to prevent violent extremism as the major outcome.   Speaking at the workshop, Lamin Manneh, Director, UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa, stated, “We contribute to the prevention of violent extremism by supporting development solutions that target the root causes and structural drivers of violent extremism. From 2011 to 2016, it caused 33,300 fatalities as well as widespread displacement, creating situations of pronounced and critical humanitarian need.”

NW Education Delegates orders school reopening after unceremonious closure

North West regional delegates for Basic and Secondary education have indicted some lay private and confessional schools in the region for violating ministerial directives on the official closing dates by closing their doors for the 2017/2018 academic before time.

Bamenda women mobilising to storm Etoudi

 W omen in Bamenda in their numbers have openly declared their intention to join the campaign intended to meet the president of the Republic Paul Biya in his Unity Palace Etoudi office and residence.

HOFNA-Cameroon granted Consultative Status with ECOSOC

The Bamenda based not for profit Non-governmental Organization NGO Hope for the Needy Association HOFNA Cameroon has been granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the United Nations UN.

Bamenda shootings leave one dead; another injured

A man whose name we got as Mabo Fidelis is in the Mortuary of the Bamenda Regional Hospital after a shooting incidence at Mile four Nkwen on Tuesday evening.

Start Of the Week Word

So it's Monday again! Hi there everyone happy start of a new week! We have as much as the entire week before us.  Now, I know how hard some of you work, and how little you sometimes have to show for it. It's same for me too. Sometimes it's very hard to stay motivated especially when things don't seem to change much in spite of your hard work. The truth is, we all want results now. We all want to see change today.  You decide to go on a diet, and the pe rson advising you has been on the same diet for three months, but he or she is still fat. How do you stay motivated?    You start saving, putting 20 000frs away every month towards your dream house. After three months, you don’t even have enough to buy a bed. How do you stay motivated?    You have exams and there are several text books to read. You’ve been studying for 3hrs and you are still on the first page. How do you stay motivated?   The truth is slow progress kills the spirit, but unfortunately, true p

WPFD Panel decries pocketing of journalists by “big people”

A World Press Freedom Day WPFD panel in Bamenda has raised worries over the media’s ability to keep power in check.

Kidnapped Priest; St Bede’s Principal freed

Rev Fr William Neba Principal of St Bede’s College Ashing Kom kidnaped last Monday while celebrating Holy Mass in the College Hall with students has been freed.

Human rights experts urge media protection and end to attacks on journalists

World Press Freedom Day 3 May 2018 Human rights experts urge media protection and end to attacks on journalists

Hilltopvoices Cameroon Communication Consultancy

Hilltopvoices Cameroon as a Multimedia Company dedicates enough time for Communication Consultancy.

Chairman of Association of Diocesan Priests ADP Bamenda kidnapped

The Chairman of the Association of Diocesan Priests ADP Bamenda who also doubles as Principal of St Bede’s College, Ashing-Kom has been kidnapped.

CATTU and others express need for increase in education investment

The Cameroon’s Teacher’s Trade Union CATTU, the Cameroon Education for All Network CEFAM and other education stakeholders have express the need for the Government of Cameroon to increase the education investment budget.

NW Principals Shower Biya with praises despite ongoing crisis

Principals of Schools in the North West region have showered praises on the President of the Republic Paul Biya despite the growing crisis in the NW and SW regions.