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INTERVIEW: The “interim leader” of the Southern Cameroons Revolutionary Government, talks to Hilltopvoices

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh Anglophone Lawyers are focusing on   a wrong direction!!     The “interim leader” of the southern Cameroons revolutionary government, Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh has amongst other things said Anglophone Lawyers crusading for the freedom of the southern Cameroonian people are doing well but focusing in a wrong direction. He made the observation in an exclusive interview he granted to Hiltopvoices,while nothing that the problem of southern Cameroons is total freedom and not any form of federalism with la Republique du Cameroun that the Anglophone lawyers, chiefs etc are advocating. Below is a full except. Hiltopvoices: Good day sir and thanks for accepting to talk to Hiltopvoices   Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh : You are welcome. God bless you and thanks for giving me this opportunity to talk to the southern Cameroonian people Hiltopvoices: you are into evangelism, politics and freedom fighting. How would you want to be addressed ? Evangelist

Bamenda Horse Race: A source of Happiness for NW Mbororos

By Bakah Derick The Bamenda municipal stadium Saturday 20 th February, 2016 played host to thousands of Mbororos from across the Northwest Region. The activity that assembled them was the 2 nd edition of the Bamenda Horse Race organised by the Bamenda city Council under the patronage of Prime Minister and Head of government Philemon Yang.  In their finest form Mbororo girls, boys, men and women answered present at the event ground as early as 8am for an event that was expected to begin at 10am and to end at 5pm. To them, time was not an issue sine horse racing was part of their cultural heritage. One of the Ardos said “we are here very early to take our places. Many people are coming and if you come late you will not have a good seat. You know that this is our culture and we must be happy to be here so as not to miss an aspect of it.”  Though the eliminatory finally started at about 11am the Mbororo people had no reason to complain as their favourite musicians

Oku – Mbessa Crisis re-surface• Women March again in protest • continuity of Cameroon administration put to taste • Some Oku elite implicated

By Bakah Derick  The Tuesday 16 February, 2016 peaceful march by close to 500 women from Mbessa Boyo Division to Kejom Keku (Big Babangki) in Mezam Division brought forth a baby from an overdue pregnancy that dates back to 1989 and even beyond.    Watching some of these women sleep helplessly in the open in front of the Kejom Palace that night spoke volumes. They had surely been chased from the comfort of their homes by something more serious adding credibility to the African proverb which says “if you see a rat run into the fire then what is chasing it is more than the fire.”  Their march was a repeat of a similar action in 1989 following what Mbessa people describe as a show of injustice. Oral History gathered from the women say in 1989 the Mbessa women organised another march to Bamenda but where stopped at the boarder between Kedjom Keku and Bambui (where the immediate past Fon of Keku was burnt to death) by the then governor of the Northwest province. Following t

UBa Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics Programmes in Review

University of Bamenda HITL workshop By Bakah Derick  Evaluating the programme of the University of Bamenda’s Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics HITL was the focus of a two day seminar in the university campus February 18 and 19, 2016.    The evaluation seminar which combined both internal and external evaluator as a long-time tradition in new Universities or Institutes provided an opportunity for The Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda UBa and her immediate collaborators accompanied by Staff of HITL, students and some experts from the corporate world to examine the programme of the two years old institute.  Justifying why the seminar in a welcome remark, Prof Teguia Alexis Director of the Institute explained that “in keeping with the spirit and recommendation of different Seminars and comments from our partners who received our students on internship, we have therefore invited you all to help us sharpen and refine the present programmes of HITL s