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Mezam delegate of housing endorses corruption in his delegation.

In an interview aired recently during the 7am primetime newscast of the regional service of the Cameroon Radio Television (Crtv) Northwest, the Mezam divisional delegate of housing and urban development MR Asonfack Roger Kamgmer while responding to a question bearing on recent claims by Hotel Industries and Tourism Employers SYNDICATE (SPIHT) that his delegation was into unlawful and arbitrary collection of the colossal sum of twelve thousand francs (12000FCFA) acknowledged that his delegation has no car and thus can collect money to dispatch a team from his office for field work. According to Hotel Industries and Tourism Employers SYNDICATE (SPIHT) justifying with a price list signed by the government delegate to the Bamenda City council Ndumu Vincent Nji, the twelve thousand francs requested by the said delegation “for the issuance of town planning certificate in the process of a building permit is illegal, thus an aspect of corruption”. According to the president of SPIHT

Mainstream churches into illegality

Recently protestant churches have been under government scanners in Cameroon for operating illegally. This lead as far as the closing of some of these churches by the various local authorities whose competence it is to manage such issues. According to the senior divisional officers for mezam and his colleagues in Douala where such churches were recently closed, it is due to the lack of appropriate documents authorizing their existence. The Catholic, Baptist and Presbyterian churches were never torched with the understanding that they are legal. The activities of these churches especially relating to their involvement in the tourism sector where under review this Thursday 22 nd August, 2013 in Bamenda. According to the Hotel Industries and Tourism Employers SYNDICATE (SPIHT) meeting under the chairmanship of its president Awah Cletus Fobuzi these mainstream churches are into what they described as “unethical exploitation of our business sector” The operation of guest Hou

CONAC, Contributing to the fight against or eradicating corrution in Cameroon.

A REFLECTION ON ABAKWA's WEEKLY RETROSPECTIVE Saturday 17th August, 2013   I was shocked a few days ago when I posted a story on my blog titled “breaking news” mezam divisional delegation accused of corruption” and the very first comment came from an indian friend ahktar asking “is corruption still breaking news in Cameroon?”   By that I understand that corruption is already so identical to Cameroon and Cameroonians in such a way that being corrupt may be considered normal. This is not an image a right thinking leader will want people to make of his country.   Unfortunately for Cameroon and Cameroonians it is already so. Creating institutions to name and shame corrupt persons in any form can be the only possible way to an answer the question what do we do now? In March 2006 according to decree no 2006/o88 the President of the republic created the National Anti-Corruption commission NACC with the mission to contribute to the fight against corruption. If one were

The Assumption of Mary

source: The feast day of the Assumption of Mary, also known as Assumption Day, celebrates the day that God assumed the Virgin Mary into Heaven following her death, according to popular Christian belief. It is the principal feast day of the Virgin Mother.

Journalists at bended Knees before the Bamenda III Council

In a football believing nation like Cameroon the practice of the sport especially football is almost a hobby for all. Journalist as they speak and write: so is the temptation so high to think that playing football could be an easy task. It is this thought that lured sports journalists and other media related services to inviting the Bamenda III Council in Mezam Division of the NW region for a friendly match. A week ahead of the encounter the local media on almost every slot presented the Bamenda III Council as no match for the journalists and constantly presented themselves as the Millas, Pelles’s you name it. The Bamenda III council however did not take this lightly and went on organizing several training session. Saturday August 3, was the day. The Cameroon Baptist Church School Mandah mile 3 Nkwen is the playground. The Bamenda III Council arrived at 12 as scheduled then the journalists were nowhere to be found. As they arrived some of them already were stinking with beer b

Mezam divisional delegation accused of corruption

According to a communique signed by Awah Cletus Fobuzi Regional president of the Hotel Industries and Tourism Promoters Syndicate (SPIHT) Northwest, The divisional Delegation of housing and urban development  Mezam Northwest has been collecting 12000FCFA for the issuance of town planing certificate in the process of building permit. Awah Cletus believes it "is illegal thus an aspect of corruption" while inviting old victims of such practice to report to his office "in Bamenda for reclamation formalities" The SPIHT president further notes that "any payment of money into a public service short of the treasury upon upon acquisition of a genuine receipt is illegal" However no person has been directly pointed as the one collecting the money. Using a contact extracted from the communique circulated on the social media as that Awah Cletus, we tried talking to him to get clearly who was involved but no one answered. Bakahonline has opened investigations. Awah

Eygpts Minister declares live ammunitions against anyone..........

Egypt's interior ministry has instructed police to use live ammunition against anyone who attacks government buildings. The announcement comes after hundreds of supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi attacked the local government offices in Giza and set them ablaze. P rotesters have also attacked police stations and other official buildings across the country over the past two days. In a separate statement, the cabinet accused Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood of committing acts of "terrorism and vandalism." Security forces violently cleared two pro-Morsi sit-ins on Wednesday, killing hundreds of people and ending their nearly seven-week-old protest. The Health Ministry said that 525 people were killed in the clearings and subsequent clashes across the country, and more than 3,500 injured. Officials from Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood have said the true death toll was far higher, with a spokesman saying 2,000 people had been killed in the "massacre.&qu