At the Bamenda Congress Hall venue of the Convention, Delegates from Yaounde and Bafoussam could already be seen around at about 8am. Our sources say the Yaounde delegation was the first to arrive Bamenda town way before 6am the earliest time for anyone to be seen outside around the region.
Unlike the 2012 and previous conventions when the party uniform was the other of the day across Bamenda, this edition has rather come with worrying absence of the outfits from the streets. However the Bamenda Congress Hall hosting the Convention is decorated in esthetic fashion with the party colours while participating militants are all in party regalia.
The West though coming in separate groups is said to have exceptionally turned out for the convention.
Though we could not independently confirm which of the delegations came in name-masked buses, many other delegations drove in buses with covered names.
Both state and party security have taken total control of the convention ground. Entering the Bamenda congress hall is strictly on identification.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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