There is no doubt the highest position in the SDF is that of the chairman. From time immemorial, the position has been referred to as the Chairman and according to Feminism activist and Journalist Promise Akanteh physiologically intimidates women from taking interest in the office and by so doing justifying gender bias claims against the party. 
SDF 2018 Convention
These claims were further magnified by the resignation of former party strategist Edith Kah Walla and immediate past Secretary General Prof Elizabeth Tamajong. This time statistically, far less than 30percent of the National Executive Committee NEC newly elected are women. 

Though the party argues that many women do not show interest for positions, feminist and gender rights activists say there is no enabling environment for women to find interest in such a typically masculine party. 

Militancy ignorance, over 1000 Delegate absent from the convention as well as the venue scandal are a few of many issues that completes the tale of power and conspiracy at the close of the 2018 SDF Convention of Cameroon’s most populous opposition political party but how they manage the issues in the days ahead will certainly make or mare the few of the party that hopes to be in the presidential palace.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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