With 1021 of the 1164 votes available, Osih Joshua is the SDF people's choice for the office of president.

The election of Joshua Osih as SDF presidential candidate and first Vice President of the party seem not to have surprised many for at least more than one reason. In his acceptance speech, he confirmed his loyalty to the chairman as the man who has held his hand for more than 20years while requesting that he should continue to hold again even when he gets to Etoudi. This can certainly be nothing short of an oath of loyalty. Prior to the chairman’s insinuations of handing over to “a young man who can run around”, they were media reports of the Chairman’s son endorsing Osih who is not only young but also a friend. Like President Paul Biya in 1982 he is “young and beautiful” as described by the SDF internal elections supervisory body at the time of the proclamation of results. From the description by the elections announcer, one could feel a sense of comfort with the Osih victory. 
SDF 2018 Convention
 He is young, fluent, bilingual and photogenic. He is also amongst the last four persons selected by the campaign for an Anglophone for President in Cameroon. Many private journalists fault him for his evasive character towards the press but he seems to enjoy a lot of televisions support in Douala his city. His election has however received unprecedented exposure from the state broadcaster despite the hostile relationship that has been known between the pro government organ and his party.
From the South West region, endorsed by the North West and other regions of Cameroon with over 30percent of votes from delegates as per the party text, Osih seem to enjoy an uncommon attention a presidential candidate has had in Cameroon in recent history.
The man he beat at the presidential primary described his victory as deserving adding that it is the start of a youth revolution that sends very strong signals to CPDM authorities. Hon Fobi Nchinda says it is the SDF that has won reason why he will be giving his all to accompany Osih in his journey to the presidency.
Osih says work starts now across all the over 360 SDF electoral districts in the country with a clear message to the current occupants of Cameroon’s presidential building in Etoudi stating that “Etoudi is at the door steps” of the SDF.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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