Being a statesman (second term parliamentarian, former Vice Chairman and now member of the budget and finance committee), an astute professional in the field of architecture, a loyal and consistent member of the SDF from the 90s and a financially viable personality with a clearly wealthy family background, many are wondering why Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon didn’t win the primaries to represent the SDF as Presidential candidate. 
SDF 2018 Convention
He was beaten with a wide margin of at least 887 votes by someone with very little statesmanship (one term parliamentarian, successor of Fobi as Vice Chair of the Finance and budget Committee of the National Assembly), wealth, fewer years in the party and very little to show for professionally as compared to Hon Fobi; yet he lost. What went wrong should be the question in the Fobi Campaign team now. 

It will not be okay if Prof Kofele Kale and Madam kambiwa who constituted part of the Fobi campaign fail to observe that just their personalities and courage were enough to knock the “party strongman” off their back. They have on at least one occasion disagreed with the big man and so how could you easily think he will allow you win in his party as he says often? 

Where Hon Fobi got the courage from after the 2011 experience when he dared the Chairman for the post of Presidential candidate when he was still eyeing it and the many sanctions that followed him and his supporters only him can tell. 

After being disqualified in 2011 for submitting an incomplete file, Fobi this time succeeded to go through with his file but finishing with 134 of the 1164 available votes could not still give him the opportunity to apply for the top job that could take him to his dream office in Etoudi.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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