In the past few weeks, the media has been filled with reports of three aspirants for the post of SDF Presidential candidate ahead of possible presidential elections this year. Hon Mbah Ndam, Hon Joshua Osih and Hon Fobi Nchinda all SDF Members of Parliament have been brandished as the only three candidates to replace the traditional candidate John Fru Ndi. 

Teche Nyamussa SDF Presidential aspirant

This media “favouristism” has not down well with Felix Teche Nyamussa who had earlier declared his intentions for the function and styled himself Presidential hopeful pending primaries. Vexed by the fact that he was out rightly sidelined by the press and possibly the party Nyamussa stormed the party secretariat to meet the investiture in demand for clarification.
Speaking to the press Wednesday, the Presidential aspirant explained that while at the party secretariat, he was directed to the residence of the party chairperson. “When I got there to my greatest surprise John Fru Ndi the party Chairmen started telling me how I have been insulting him but before I knew he boxed me on my forehead saying that if he slaps me here I will not be able to get up.” Teche said adding that he did not retaliate having in mind what took him there and that other party officials were present who helped in separating him from the chairman.  
According to Teche he later met Hon Awudu Mbaya Cyprian chairperson of the organizing committee of the Convention who received his notification letter though it is not in the party constitution as a way of declaring aspiration for post of party presidential candidate.
Upon reception, Teche told news men and women that the Hon Awudu acknowledged that he was the only person who had handed in some form declaration but noted that others have just been talking to the press.
Maintaining that he was the first to declare his intentions, though fourth to be recognized Teche Nyamussa still blames his party for treating his candidate with less importance thus not giving him enough time to meet delegates.
Quizzed on whether he will be accredited to the convention despite his claims of being sidelined from party activities including election primaries, Teche argued that by virtue of being a presidential candidate he is already a delegate.  
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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