Delegates from some African countries have ended a four days study tour to Cameroon with focus on innovative practices and tools to reduce land use conflicts between farmers and pastoralists. The Study tour that ended last Friday  gave the delegates an opportunity to experience and share ideas with both state and non-state actors on ways to reduce conflicts which have been on the increase in both intensity and frequency between pastoralists and other rangeland users. 

It is against this backdrop that a group of pastoralists and rangelands practitioners decided to undertake a study tour of Cameroon to learn directly from the field and from the protagonists themselves some of the best practices, innovative tools and approaches implemented in the country which are achieving interesting results in terms of pastoral land use conflict prevention, resolution and transformation. 

Talking to hat the end of the tour, Ibrahim Hassan working with the Abuja-Nigeria based Confederation of traditional herders in Africa (CORET) expressed satisfaction with his Cameroon experience particularly at the farmer-herders crisis is on the rise in his country. “As you know Nigeria now in terms of conflicts is international particularly between the farmers and pastoralists. While here in Cameroon I have seen something I can take home because I have seen where particularly alliance farming both the farmers and pastoralists see the reason why they should come together share the farms or the lands within themselves without having any crisis like in Nigeria. So this one I was a little bit more concern and it will help in Nigeria to solve this issue of conflict between pastoralists and farmers by adopting this kind of very wonderful initiative from Cameroon.” 

Ibrahim also praised the Mbororo Cultural and DevelopmentAssociation MBOSCUDA as an outstanding pastoralists association for championing such a relationship. “I can also see the commitment of the pastoralists association MBOSCUDA and that of the government to see that farmers and pastoralists live together without conflicts that will result to violence or destruction of lives and properties. I think if Nigeria can adopt this kind of initiative it will help a lot in other to mitigate the conflicts that occurs between the farmers and pastoralists.” 

On his part Gidufana Gafufen Program Coordinator Help Foundation representing Civil Societies Organizations in Tanzania observe that his country has similar land use conflicts like Cameroon but the alliance farming initiative has not been seen as a solution in his country. “When I tried asking farmers why they are attracted to the initiative they said their yields are better with increase production when they farm on land previously used for grazing because of the manure. Secondly they said when they take into the market it also shows and clients like the crops that come from the manure compared to those farmed with fertilizer. They also talked of the good taste of the produce coming from the manure farms compared to those where fertilizers are used.” As to what has been learned he noted the grassroots formation of pastoralists associations with national and international NGO partnerships just like proper state and customary laws which help in securing rangelands thus reducing conflicts. 

Fon Nsoh Coordinator of COMINSUD and Musa Ndamba- Vice National President MBOSCUDA both Cameroonian organizations that ensured the smooth organization of the tour in Cameroon expressed satisfaction with the four days activities which took them to the to several places and offices including the Ministry of Livestock in Yaounde. “We have exchanged on practices on making rangelands secured and more purposefully for us in the NW in parcular and Cameroon in General is to have a framework that can change the dynamics of good management of rangelands and indeed we are thinking of value change activities and how we can improve on meet production and also milk because rangeland is not just to have cattle on it but also to have cattle that improves the lives of people and welfare.”  

Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

Bakah Derick is a Broadcast Presenter and Multimedia specialist with focus on sharing with the rest of the world the daily happenings in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. You can contact us on +237 675460750 or

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