The Member of Parliament for Bamenda and Bali has made public his intentions to be the flag bearer of Cameroon’s most populous opposition party the Social Democratic Front SDF during the anticipated presidential elections for 2018. Hon. Fobi Nchinda Simon made the announcement Wednesday in the party headquarters in Bamenda during a meeting with members of his micro-project committee and some party officials. 
Hon Fobi Nchida Simon
 After encouraging members of his micro-project committee to make available their projects for funding this 2018 not later than the end of March, the aspirant SDF candidate expressed his love and concern for Cameroon and started “I truly believe that we all must help direct the future of our nation so as to meet the challenge of the 21st century. The winds of regime change he added “are blowing and we must come together to nurture the fundamental freedoms, equality and prosperity which these winds should bring. We must unite to bring Social Democracy to Cameroon.”
Reaffirming his position for his party, Hon Fobi who has styled himself “A master builder for Etoudi”, explained that it is SDF’s vision to “conquer power through the ballot box.” Unfortunately he lamented “ELELCAM the organ charged with the organization of elections cannot, in the considered opinion of the SDF organize free, fair and transparent elections. In spite of these flaws, we have decided to go for elections, and if need be defend our votes at all costs.”
Making the solemn declaration the Architect/Engineer stated “as per the SDF constitution there will be an elective convention this February 2018 where all aspirants will present themselves for elections I am an aspirant and count on God’s grace and your support to emerge as the chosen flag bearer of the SDF for the upcoming Presidential elections of October 2018.”
With what can be described as a sound educational, professional and political background including an MSc in Arch. Engineering, Assistant Professor at the National Higher School of Engineering Yaounde 1, designing of several facilities across the country, a second term Parliamentarian and a consistent, committed and loyal militant of the SDF from the 90s, Hon Fobi considers his works as a demonstration of hard work and accomplishments as well as the vision he has for Cameroon.
While serving as parliamentarian and as Vice Chairman of the Finance and Budget committee, the aspirant believes he now understands the “functioning of our government as to the adoption and implementation of policies, I have carried out several development projects which have improved the lives of our citizens and developed our communities.”
He castigates the “over-centralization of power, corruption, embezzlement, nepotism, lack of respect of the law, unemployment, poor health delivery system, mass exodus of our yuths, poor and insufficient housing coupled with urban decay, inexistent urban vision and lack of opportunities for our children, especially those graduating from school and universities” in Cameroon and believes that he caan be a solution.
Though endorsing the idea of a unique opposition candidate, Hon. Fobi argues that even if the opportunity a number of things must count amongst them material and financial resources as well as following. “You not expect the ocean to move into the river but the river should move to the ocean.”
It should be recalled that Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon expressed the same desire ahead of the 2011 presidential elections but eventually step down. Quizzed on whether the same scenario will not will not repeat itself, the aspirant clarified that in 2011 there was no convention thus producing a different scenario unlike this time when a convention is coming in an electoral year and thus empowered to select a presidential candidate as per constitution of the party.
He is the third candidate to have expressed the wish to be the party flag bearer after his party and National Assembly colleagues Hon Joshua Osih and Hon Mbah Ndam made their declarations. The SDF party chairman John Fru Ndi has remain mute over his candidature despite being nominated for post of party chairperson again by the party in North West.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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