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A project intended to boost the livestock sector has been launched in Bamenda. The Government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries MINEPIA launched the livestock development project LDP Tuesday with the intention to invest and modernize and make livestock profitable to those in the sector.
Speaking during the launching event, the Secretary General in the Ministry of Livestock representative of the Minister, Fisheries and Animal Industries told many who flood the event hall that the project is funded World Bank with the aim “to accompany Producer Organisations POs, towards profitable, ease and exploit market links and direct relations between actors, as well as financial institutions so that they can reach customers potential farmers in rural areas.”
According to Elhadj Jaji Manu Gidado, the livestock sector is specifically targeted with the aim to promote an environment conducive for the implementation of lasting and mutual beneficial business relationships between different actors.  
As Directed by the MINEPIA Minister, the Project Coordinator explained that the LDP project will increase the number of farmers eligible for loans and to increase the share of private investment and the banking sector in financing the livestock sector.
Dr Yessi Anthony told the potential beneficiaries that LDP will fund business plans of “Producer Organizations engaged in productive partnerships with buyers or agribusinesses to strengthen their capacities to increase the productivity and production of selected animal products in targeted value chains.”
“I am happy with this project. I have been into livestock breeding for over ten years and this project looks promising. I hope all the Money will not be diverted to buying expensive cars for the coordinators.” Taniform George said.
To be eligible the MINEPIA representative and the project coordinator maintained that producer organizations  must show proof of common ties to the project, residence of at least 75percent of the POs must be resident in the project area, longevity of at least two years in the sector, existence of an idea shared by  the members, legally registered, availability of a bankable business plan and productive partnership with a buyer/agribusiness certified by an agreement, 10percent financial contribution by the PO with no member allowed to control more than 20per cent of the resources, reduced risk of diversion of the project by elites and reports of available statutory bodies.
The funds from LDP are expected to assist the POs acquire improved animal and plant genetic materials, construct and rehabilitate of production, storage and marketing facilities, access equipment and technologies that enhance quality of products, transportation facilities amongst others.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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