There was general pandemonium in Bamenda yesterday following an attack romour emanating from Nkwen.  Parents could be seen running all over the city of Bamenda heading to schools where their children attend school. 

When this reporter to All Saints Nursery and Primary School Bayelle Nkwen several parents could be seen at the gate at about 1pm demanding to take home their children. However the gates remain locked. At 2pm regular closing time, the gates were opened and the panicking parents throw themselves into the campus. In a mad rush, they headed to the classes of their children. As they moved away with their kids with the Head Teacher holding to her gate, she told this reporter that “I decided to to lock the gates till now because there was no security threat here. I was surprise when I saw parents rushing here and asking that they wanted to take their children. Some of them even jumped over the gate but when I noticed that I immediately locked the classes. I did that because many parents could not be here at that time to collect their parents. If I had allowed them to take their children what would have happened to the children whose parents were not here” The Head Teacher whose name we could not immediate questioned in anger.
As the parents whisked away their children, this reporter could hear one questioning the source of such a romour. A bike rider who had showed up to collect his own kid explained “are you asking oga? Today in mile four those boys visited a school and shut guns everywhere and everyone had to be running for their dear life.” So how does that concern All Saints? The angry and disappointed man questioned. Hear the bike man “my brother if those people show up here there will be no time for questions and answers.”
When this reporter stopped at Mile Four Junction life was normal. No signs of panic. Questioning some business people if there were gunshots here they accepted but found it difficult to tell the where but pointed at GBHS Atielah but while there, the campus was empty. A neigbour narrated “it was at about 12noon that some students started running and passing here. I don’t know where why they were running but they say they hear a gunshot.” Not confirming to have heard the gunshot, the neighbor said “I didn’t hear the gunshot myself but no one can tell these days.”
While returning back to Mile Four in doubts, another business man told this reporter “a gun shot was heard around Njengang (a quarter in Nkwen) beside a school but cannot say where precisely.”
“I saw some guys with no dresses passing here with bikes going up to GTC Nkeung while I was returning from school to get my child after I heard that some kids have been kidnapped from a school around center bolt Nkwen near another Secondary school called CAMSI.” A tired looking lady told this reporter.
As at press time neither the military nor school authorities were available to confirm location of gunshot or kidnap of children. But the Heavy presence of forces of law and order indicate that there was an issue but the magnitude seems to have been amplified. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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