The international Customs Day has been launched in Bamenda with the pious hope that the North West region returns to normal life soon. The launching event Monday 15, gave an opportunity for Custom officials and the Administration of the North West to examine the challenges facing the sector and possible ways through which they can be resolved.
While representing the Minister of Finance at the event, North West Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique intimated that the choice of the North West region to host the launching event was timely following the crisis the region is currently facing.
With the 2018 observance of the International Day centered on the theme “a secured environment for economic development” the regional administrative while addressing the gathering reaffirmed government’s resolve and determination to protect the economy of both the state and individuals and by so doing protecting the Customs Sector which stands out as a major revenue source for the state.
“The theme of the event calls on us all to put hands together to secure our economic environment for economic activities to move on hitch free. That is the reason why the Minister of Finance calls on all stakeholders to take their responsibility by becoming exemplary citizens by fighting against those that are still disturbing the smooth functioning of economic activities mainly the customs services in our region in our nation.” Governor Lele said.
According to the General Director of Customs Fongod Edwin Pivaga very little success can be achieve particularly by the customs without security.
“When there is insecurity you cannot render trade free. You will remember that once in a while the boarders are closed and when there are such situations you can’t actually think of economic growth and so the Customs Sector is suffering a lot from the present situation. You got it from the Governor’s message that things are fast changing and we are beginning to notice growth in the customs sector in the last few weeks and we pray that it should continue. There cannot be economic growth or development in a situation of insecurity.” The customs Director noted.
With a population of over 1.8million as at 2010 with a long boarder with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, observers in the region have been quick to point at the flooding of markets through illegal routes with cheap and products of doubtful quality, prosperous trans-border trade, illicit trade due to the porous borders amongst others as possible sources of Custom revenue leakages. Economic experts are expressing hope that if the roads in the region are tarred and a dry port created, income generation will skyrocket in the region.
The International Customs Day launching event also provided an opportunity for the Directorate of Customs to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) with the University of Bamenda. According to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda Uba Prof Theresia Nkuo Akenji, the MOU will allow students of transport and Logistics in her University to carry internships in Custom Sector offices around the country which will give them a better learning opportunity and environment. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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