The Executive Secretary General of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union CATTU has made public the intention of his institution to compel all proprietors of confessional and private schools in the North West and South West regions to pay their teacher’s salaries particularly for the last one year during which schools were interrupted due to the socio-economic and political crisis facing the region. Sema Valentine was speaking on Tuesday during a radio programme on Abakwa FM Radio station in Bamenda while evaluating Cameroon’s educational sector in 2017.
When the presenter questioned what the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union was doing about teachers whose salaries were not paid in 2017, Sema Valentine replied in anger “it is a very vexing issue. I will say it and say it and say it again. Some of our proprietors are charlocks. Some of them are inhumane. They preach virtue and practice vice.”
According to the erudite SG confessional school proprietors have demonstrated unprecedented level of dishonesty. “If you imagine that in some confessional schools they are insisting and asking parents to pay school fees for last year and for this year when school fees for last year were collected and teachers were not paid their salaries starting from December right up till this September. Some were paid only this September 2017 when schools began. You begin to ask yourself why are people so inhumane?”
On what they have been doing as a teachers trade union he adds “we have been fighting as a teachers trade union, we have held meetings with the delegate of Lanour and Social security even in the South West. Recently there are teachers from a particular denomination who are in court, at the labour office with their proprietors. It goes same for other teachers. They have collected money and we didn’t see reason why they should be paying other sectors of their institutions but not paying teachers who are the ones that raise more income for them and are treated the way they are.”
The CATTU SG accused the denominations for doing special collections to support teachers in Churches yet fail to hand such collections to the teachers. Despite claims that they are waiting for government subvention Sema adds that “they make a lot of noise about subvention but when the subvention finally comes nobody tells you they have received the subventions. Those subventions also meant to take care of the salaries of teachers. To enable the teachers have something substantial but you give them a catechist salary of thirty-forty thousand francs?” He thundered.
He lamented that despite the small nature of the salaries they could not still be paid for months so they could take care of basics needs like house rents, hospital bills, and children’s need yet the confessional school proprietors can be seen parading themselves in expensive cars and still preaches generosity and magnanimity from pulpits.
“Let this be very clear to them. We have started the fight. We are at the level of the labour delegate and we will take it a step further if quick solutions are not sorted and when we are taking a step further the public may be shocked to see what will come out of it be we of the government sector have decided to align with those in the private sector to fight and rectify this injustice.” The CATTU scribe Sema Valentine concluded.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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