Fon Tamukum II dancing into the Plaza
The 2017 edition of the Bambili Cultural Festival has ended with priorities set on the development of the now university village. Assembling on the palace plaza in their traditional regalia for the three days event, sons and daughters of Bambili during the Mbegili Cultural and Development Association MBECUDA annual general assembly resolve to intensify contributions towards development. According to Mbah Lucas National President of MBECUDA, all the branches of the association answered resulting in very fruitful resolutions. The AGM he explained resolved on seven points with 2018 as target for implementation. “One of the most important is to reinforce the payment of our levies because without money we cannot carry out development. Another one is to carry out a census of all the Bambili elements residing everywhere in Cameroon and this is going to give us the base with which if we want to carry out projects we will build our ideas on. We are thinking on improving on our roads; farm to market roads, we thinking of continuing with the palace project which is still about 75 percent completed and especially the water issue that people cry about in Bambili every time.” 

Ecumenical Service
Speaking at the end of the festival the Fon of Bambili HRH Fon Tamukum II harped on the need for the education of children and youths and as catalyst to development. The leader also presented Bambili as a veritable symbol of national integration. “My emphasis on national integration, you know that Bambili is a cosmopolitan area and if the Head of State is preaching about national integration and I am an auxiliary arm of the administration I need to emphasis on that because when you come to Bambili as a cosmopolitan area all ethnic groups from across Cameroon are here…….. Whenever you are in Bambili just consider yourself as a Cameroonian.” He encouraged all residing in Bambili to respect the culture and traditions of the land. 
PrinceAwemoh Charles Chair or Organising Committee and Guests

The people spend the last day of the festival dancing to the beautiful blend of the flutes, drum beats and voices producing that produced the unique Mendere Rhythm of the Bambili people. The mendere dance closed the 2017 Bambili cultural festival which the Chairperson of the organizing committee Prince Awemoh Charles described as successful. He expressed satisfaction with the idea of unity and peace amongst Bambili sons and daughters born out of the festival.
Fons From Friendly Villages (Bambui, Bawock, Fingue, etc)

The Success according to the chairman was due to the combined efforts of Mbegili Cultural and Development Association MBECUDA, the organizing committee and sons and daughters of Bambili like Tanjong Martin Mayor of the Tubah Council and son of Bambili who gave financial assistance plus the watering of the dusty road to the palace permitting visitors to come and leave clean. 

Not only did the cultural festival cause the shutting down of the entire village for three days with only one road open and leading to the palace but also provided an opportunity for a good number of Bambili sons and daughters to reignite their love for their culture. “I feel elerted like any other son of Bambili…. I am a typical villagerow in the village, so it is very important for me to identify with the people.” Adanfong Eric Director of UNVDA Ndop and son of Bambili
Fon Tamukum II Addressing the Festival

It has been three days of exhibition of arts and craft in a semi trade fair, show of cultural beauty via relations with other villages and participation of Fons and the reaffirmation of traditional authorities as auxiliaries to the administration with the effective presence of the administration of Tubah Subdivision led by the DO Alim Garga
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