Militants of the Cameroon’s Peoples Democratic Movement CPDM of the Mezam 1C section have glorified the Chairman of their Paul Biya for being a great provider in Cameroon. The praises were showered on the Chairman during commemorative activities marking the 35th anniversary of Paul Biya as President of Cameroon. 

Justifying their choice of description as the “great provider” the Section President Ngante Ngoh Martin presented a long list of President Biya’s achievements in 35 years. According to the Section President who doubles as one of the Directors of Camwater, President Biya should be hailed for opening “the doors to democracy in Cameroon” since November 6, 1982 “with his policy of rigour, moralization and democratization of all institutions in Cameroon.” The creation of Government Primary, Secondary and High Schools at every doorsteps of all unlike in 1982 when CCAST Bambili was the only high School in the two Anglophone regions, opening “the door to appropriate and efficient medical attention I Cameroon” with integrated health centers, district hospitals, drugs  at subsidized rates and medical personnel at every nook and corner”, opening “the door to better road infrastructure, efficient and effective agriculture system in Cameroon”, “to freedom of the press” and “to social freedom and the respect to the rights of individuals” and many others all constitute reason why President Psul Biya must be celebrated as a great provider.
While noting that upheavals have been noticed in the last twelve months as concerns the Anglophone crisis, the Section President urged his militants to continue to have faith and confidence in Paul Biya who wil continue to be a great provider. He used the meeting to call on youths in the Section “to avoid as possible any acts of violence and confrontation with security forces that are here to protect the lives and property of all citizens.”
Like the previous speakers, the Paramount Fon of Nkwen HRM FS Azehfor III, the YCPDM President Denis A, the president emphasized on the need to ignore Ghost Town calls and effectively engage the education of children. They all praised Nkwen youths for being responsible during the peak of the crisis by not burning and looting.
With several elections expected come 2018, Mezam 1C expressed the wish to show love to president Biya by voting for him and his party during the electoral consultations.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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