Johnson Chongwain of the Community Based Rehabilitation CBR program of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services was literary in tears Friday November 10, 2017 at the Fundong Council as he expressed the need for the municipal institution to be inclusive at all levels including projects particularly at conception, design and eventually implementation. 

The over 18years old CBR worker told the Mayor and Councilors of Fundong council that the municipality has a good number of persons living with disability PWDS and consequently meaningless if projects were design without thinking of them.
“One of the things we see in the community is that most of the projects designed are disability excluded and so we are just thinking that any action to be taken faithfully is when we include PWDs. In the area of Fundong Council I really want to think that if they can work with us to see that in any action they are taking PWDs are considered, that will be a wonderful initiative.” Johnson said
His work in the area he tells this reporter has been challenging
According to Johnson Chongwain the visible challenges facing PWDs in the area include the presence of disability unfriendly public buildings in the municipality, lack educational support for children living with disabilities, lack of concern for those with hard of hearing even in churches thus excluding many from community actions.
“The biggest challenge particularly in the area of mental illness is that; those that have been treated are not able to be accommodated in the community given that somebody who has been living on the streets and then picking things from the gutter and eating today you have treated the person and he has no capital or house and now he is starting a life;  that is a big challenge so we are thinking that this is another way the council can come in to rehabilitate these people that have been having mental illness and now have been treated” Johnson suggested
While expressing the willingness to do more for PWDs, the Mayor of Fundong Denis Awoh Ndang however argued that “the council in its action has been very inclusive. We are one of the few councils which have taken upon themselves to take all those who have mental problems in the society and we give them treatment with the assistance of Mbingo Baptist hospital…. The only problem is that relatives some time shy away from following up those patients. We are one of the few councils with wheelchairs now to give to PWDs, organize PWDs with the major challenge being that when we start the community wants the council to go at pace they want but the means is a limiting factor for us.” In partnership with the Socio Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disability SEEPD program of the CBC Health services Mayor Ndang maintains, his council does not joke when it comes to disability issues. “We are in fact a very inclusive council.” Mayor Ndang said.
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