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A chaotic scene could be relatively fair to describe the nature of things or state affairs in Bamenda specifically at the Azire Presbyterian Church area Friday October 20, 2017 following another explosive occurrence in the area.
The loud explosion sound produced at about 7am in a Church compound hosting Presbyterian Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools and obviously a church house was sufficient generate fear causing undirected movements. That a stampede did not occur remains a mystery as kids who were already in school were forced in panic to attempt escaping by themselves or with the aid of parents who immediately rushed to school to take them home while those still coming simply made U-turns.
In a narrative whose truism is yet to be ascertained, this reporter gathered from an unofficial police source at the scene that the explosion that occurred earlier was a security operation to deactivate an explosive planted earlier by unknown persons. According to this source some planted the explosive in the Church compound in the early hours of that day which was seen by the night watch at the Azire Church on duty.
After the security was informed that narrator continues, immediate actions were taken and the site was blocked thus preventing access from known military personnel. What they saw was a gas bottle, a radio set and a telephone in a bag. To deactivate the explosive, some technical maneuvers were performed and hence the explosion.  The loudness of the explosion was sufficient to create pandemonium both physically and in the minds of those who heard despite no human or material damages.      

The Commander of the 22Nd Motorized Infantry Battalion Brigadier General Agha’ah Robinson Ndong who visited the site together with the Divisional Officer to Bamenda Two Akwo Tanyi R were clearly not happy with the development and like Johnson A Itoe North West Regional Delegate of Secondary Education observed that the placing of the explosive in the Church yard was an act by anti-school supporters who want to distort the academic year which is becoming effective in the region. According to the officials this is just an act to cause fear in people not to send their children to school which will however not meet its target as all measures have been taken to put things under control.
Explosions in Bamenda and the Azire area have become a regular occurrence with the October 20 incident taking the tally to five. With three police officers hospitalized since September 21 due to another explosion with a very similar narrative still at hospital roundabout and others though with no human or material damage, many more questions than answers are resurfacing including the worry over who is responsible.
Northwest Regional Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique tagged the September 21 incidence to terrorist but observers have been unanimous asking how a combination of visible things like a gas bottle will be placed somewhere for officers to seat on without seeing tthus concluding that there could be foul play from within the security or limited security intelligence.  
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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