By Bakah Derick in Bamenda 
Aspiring candidate for position of the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF has accused his party of plans to deny him his democratic rights as member of the party. Felix Teche Nyamusa who also hoping to be presidential candidate for the party at the 2018 Presidential election penned his anger in an epistle fired to the Chairperson of the SDF National Investiture Committee dated August 30, 2017 a copy which the Guardian post stumbled on titled “A cabal attempts replacing SDF Investiture.” Hear Teche “Our party, SDF electoral laws for elections into the National executive committee (NEC) –   “Opening of nominations to post in the national executive committee (NEC)” section G Discipline prescribes as follows: “To ensure that during the built-up to the convention, no disciplinary proceedings are used  as a means: of stifling debate:
Of denying members their basic or democratic rights:
Of solving private problems or interfering in the private lives of members, no new disciplinary proceeding should be initiated against any member of the party until a new National executive committee is in place at the upcoming convention, safe as otherwise decided by the National Executive committee. Candidates who injure the honour or reputation of another candidate by direct or indirect imputation of allegations that cannot be proved should be reported in writing, with the fact well laid out, through the national secretariat to the National Investiture Committee”. Based on the above, I write this second official complaint. It’s worth reminding here that the first protest was on the illegality of organizing primaries by my district - the SDF Bamenda II electoral district executive committee unadvertised, without notifying me! Attendance at this manipulated gathering was less than 90(ninety) militants meanwhile the party constitution gives as rule for organizing primaries at such level to solely a well-advertised electoral conference which for the case of Bamenda II has above 800(eight hundred) delegates – embarrassingly the reply to this first complaint is still awaited about three months after I submitted it , and chairman John Fru Ndi heads the Investiture committee ! John Fru Ndi as outgoing chair stands accused here of directly or indirect manipulating this grass root organs into errors to favour himself.”
The Presidential hopeful accuses what he calls “the Fru Ndi Cabal” of hatching absurdities aimed at maintaining the current chairman in office unchallenged. “While militants particularly the SDF grass roots and Cameroonians who thirst for change to come from SDF to remain disillusioned in abject poverty while Fru Ndi and a handful multiply their bank accounts caressing Biya/CPDM …. This we say for the umpteenth time is unacceptable. The Nyamusa Campaign completely renounces it!”
Responding to some of the issues against him Felix Teche Nyamusa explains “before going to Mbengwi Teche was an executive member in SDF Bamenda at the district and was also appointed on the regional communication subcommittee. Nyamusa left SDF Bamenda for SDF Mbengwi without a transfer document, he has returned to Bamenda in same SDF ward, what then is this noise of transfer certificate by Fru Ndi fans? Transfer certificate is no requirement in the SDF till now that Nyamusa bids to contest the National chair position. What is required is member(s) public participation in activities, contributions; party cards which Nyamusa more than possess! They block me from entering the party secretariat where SDF information is displayed, discussed, assembled, distributed …”
He reiterates his stand on the form of state which is different from the current proposal by his party and his vision for the Cameroon he wants “The Nyamusa campaign stands  for a two states equal status  federal Cameroon – bilingual, bi-cultural, bi-jural as opposed to the dubious Fru Ndi four states federal Cameroon. I pledge to offer to Cameroon three parliaments - an “Anglophone” state parliament, a “Francophone” state parliament and a Federal parliament. Here no law becomes federal law without being voted by majority of each state parliament. Appointed Governors, DOs, SDOs, Government delegates will be history. In the Nyamusa Cameroon project, the Francophone will still obtain the lions share by dint of their population but Anglophones will be empowered by the principle of equity. Hence census figures for the country’s population will be of great importance and will never ever be tampered with in other to build a progressing no complaining and intact Country!   No to Anglophone marginalization; No to Francophone marginalization . The right to self determination is inalienable! Cameroon under President Felix Teche Nyamusa will see the best of unanimous good governance – separation of powers. We will pay reparations to all intentionally marginalize from independence till date …..”

Stating his way forward Felix Teche notes “we cannot accept dictatorship right from our own house.” The SDF investiture he adds “Cameroonians are resolved to throw away violently manipulations and half measures. The Nyamusa campaign will take up the last resort resolve right from SDF house; Investiture, please act now and fast!”
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

Bakah Derick is a Broadcast Presenter and Multimedia specialist with focus on sharing with the rest of the world the daily happenings in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. You can contact us on +237 675460750 or

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