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BY Bakah Derick in Bamenda 
According to the Friday July 21, 2017Regional Follow-up Committee meeting in Bamenda, the physical execution rate of projects in the North West Region stands at 41.02 percent. Sitting in for the regional committee president was the vice Regina Mundi who will express satisfaction with the percentage realization rate just three months after the execution phase of the projects.  From the presentations, Ngoketunjia Division emerged first in the divisional classification table with 66.9percent while Momo will tail the table with 17.5 per cent.

Electrifying Bamali; lighting sight and hearts

The electrification of Bamali at 100per cent is one of the many projects either ongoing or completed that has given the division a leadership position on the regional classification table.  While in Bamali Monday 7, 2017 this reporter could deduce an unprecedented level of happiness within the inhabitants. “I am Formenkwin Matias a Councilor for Ndop Council from Bamali. Before electricity came we use to go to Bamuka paying at least FCFA 500 to recharge our phones…. We thank the government for this powerful help. Now we have bought TV sets and we can now watch what is happening in the country.” Mbegham John another resident of Bamali will not hid his feelings. “Before electricity came there were many problems. We could not store food and now we can do so. Even our health center now is active! We use to take our vaccines to Ndop to be stored now we can keep them here. Many of us and the health center used lamps before now and injections to be administered in the night could not be done on time. This is a great relief to us.”Leh Mirable Meshit an assistant nurse will express similar concerns while expressing happiness with the electricity project.  
Clarifying on the project Tedonnkeng Jeutsop Rodrique Divisional Chief for energy Ngoketunjia indicated that the entire electrification of Bamali is expected to cost FCFA 80M.
The first phase which is complete and received he added took FCFA40M of the global sum covering being for 7KM in both high and low tension electricity supply. The second phase he concluded will be launched next year.
Government Nursery School Teloh Ndop
A stopover in Government Nursery School Teloh will present a completed block of two standard classrooms. The PK40 bridge and road rehabilitation is also visibly on course.
In rank, after Ngoketunjia comes Boyo with 53.7 per cent physical execution rate of public investment projects for the first semester of 2017. Though Fundong, Bum and Belo Council areas will not present projects with 100 percent realization, several projects from the central administration, Belo and Njinikom councils have been fully completed with a majority being schools related.
With 48.5 per cent, Bui division falls third in ranking.  Like Menchum with 47.2 coming fourth, there is need for work to be intensified; the regional follow up committee recommended.
Mezam Division is ranked fifth though with some of the giant projects in the region. Amongst the many projects in the division is the access way Awing tourist site, the Bamenda Referral hospital, low cost houses, the residence of the regional governor, some buildings hosting regional delegations.
Access way Awing tourist site

The 500m access road into the Awing tourist site sponsored by PIB 2017 according to Simeon Chi regional Director of roads and project engineer is already at 75per cent execution rate. The FCFA150M project is opening the Awing Tourist site to the rest of the country and the world.
On the hills of Nkwen in Bamenda III subdivision lays the site of the FCFA2bn worth Bamenda referral hospital.  With a life span of 18 months starting 28th May, 2017, Rawad Roustom Chief of the project explains that work has been centered on excavation and foundation construction for the blocks with a capacity of 100 beds. The control engineer Pauline Tchikapa will access the work at 3.14 per cent. According to Yusuf Amadou and Bashiru Amadou all locally employed workers at the site many of them now have jobs because of the construction works. They are also training in the operation of some heavy duty equipment and this them is a life time opportunity. Community women could also be seen selling food an act Yusuf Amadou sees as of great economic impact to the community.
Bamenda Referral hospital-Ntabang-Nkwen

A short distance away from the Referral hospital is the site for the construction of 100 low cost houses. Though we stopped there on a day the project engineer Jad El Gemayel will describe as the first sunny day in four weeks, excavation was the work seen to have been done with the control engineer rating it at 5.7percent though the project engineer will talk of 10 taking other details into consideration.
At the Governor’s residence slightly above 42 percent, it could be considered that all hope is not lost in the quest for 100 percent in the realization of projects in the region by the end of the year.
After an evaluation visit to these project sites recently, North West Regional Delegate for Economy Planning and Regional Development while expressing hope on the possibility of achieving 100per cent by the end of the year noted “it is very easy to attend 100percent. If you look well effective execution for the first semester has taken only three to four months because at the start of the year was dedicated to the award of contract……. So the hope is that for the second semester during which execution will be on we are catch-up a lot.” Eseke Bende Ivo also added that “we cannot say we are late because 41.02 percent is not bad as execution rate in our region. We are seriously handicapped by the raining season because a lot of localities have been cutoff due to the state of roads which prevent the smooth transportation of construction material and event workers. But we are very confident that we will attend our objective of 100 percent execution rate at the end of the year.”
Though facing similar challenges like other divisions, Donga Mantung with 19.3 percent and Momo 17.5 percent have been ranked sixth and seventh respectively with a call for all stakeholders in these divisions to step up their commitment towards improving their rates before the second semester runs out. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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