Jude Waindim Secretary General Bamenda City Council addresses students 
By Bakah Derick in Bamenda  

Over 400 students selected from across the city of Bamenda have come to the end of a one month holiday work session with the Bamenda City Council BCC. The closeout event to officially bid farewell to the students held Thursday August 31, 2017 in the premises of the City Council during which the Secretary General to the BCC indicated that the institution has spent over FCFA15M to organise this year’s work session. The over 400students each backed home the sum FCFA30000 representing FCFA11.6m from the total amount while the rest went for organisation.
Addressing the students for the BCC, Jude Waindim encouraged them about going to school saying “Education is your life. Without education you will not be able to stand and talk in public. I call on all of you our dear boys and girls to be to be of good example.” To those who were selected he added “remain good so that next year we shall have you.”
The SG encouraged the students to make good use of the money. “Make good use of that money. Let that money not go for tramol. Take that money to your parents and buy an exercise book.” He insisted. 
During their stay with the city council, some of the students told the Guardian Post they hard to engaged in the cleaning of the city amongst other things.
“I am very inspired by what the Secretary General of the city council told us. I will use this money to get my school needs and I pray that schools should begin because my parents have not started preparations because they fear that schools may not go again.” One of the beneficiaries told the Guardian Post.
Hear another “I am very grateful for the government delegate who thought it was necessary to support us this way. My wish is that many more young people could be included and the amount increased. I am not saying that this one is small but because of the importance of this money to me, I think that the more the money the money good it will do to me and my family. “

Observers at the event ground praised the city council for taking the challenge despite the difficult socio-economic crisis rocking the city for engaging such a costly venture for the interest of the children. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

Bakah Derick is a Broadcast Presenter and Multimedia specialist with focus on sharing with the rest of the world the daily happenings in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. You can contact us on +237 675460750 or debakah2004@gmail.com.

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