Street demonstrations have characterized different parts of the North West Region Friday 22 September 22, 2017.

Tree Branches and peace plants carrying youths stormed the streets of Bamenda before 9am chanting songs depicting captivity and need for freedom.

While combat ready riot police could be seen around the city looking on, the demonstrations where void of violence. While in their numbers on the street from Foncha junction towards Nkwen rural, the demonstrators could be seen providing the right of way to those who were with automobiles.

But for Kumbo and Santa where on the ground reports confirm gun firing and possibly shootings, the protest has remained peaceful.

Some demonstrators who spoke to this reporter at mile four Nkwen say they are passing a message to the ongoing UN 72nd General Assembly to be addressed by Cameroon President Paul Biya this same day about the ongoing Anglophone crisis which has been characterized by school and courts boycott, arrest and shootings, Ghosts towns, burning of public and private property and of late; explosions.

The crowd grew bigger as they matched on with many others watching.

A Demonstrator on a bike could be heard calling those watching by the road side as traitors. According to this demonstrator, the crisis requires an urgent solution and everyone should be involved.

The latest demonstration followed an explosion that seriously injured three police officers in Bamenda Friday September 21, 2017.

Following the explosion which is the fourth in two weeks, the Governor of the North West Regioh Lele L’Afrique Tchoffo Deben Adolph who described the act as terrorist in nature singed an order prohibiting inter-divisional movements in the region for 24hrs (midnight Thursday 21 to Friday 22 midnight).

On his part the Divisional Head for Mezam SDO Songa Pierre Rene ordered a night curfew from 10 pm to 5 am with no movements of people and cars as well as no opening of public places or gatherings.

Sporadic gun shots and cases of teargas are being reported with images circulating on social media with persons being rushed to hospital and others said to be dead. We cannot independently confirm any case of death.

Palaces and major junctions have been assembling points though with no commanding leader.  

The demonstrations come ten months into an ongoing crisis that has been baptised the Anglophone crisis. 

While government officials say government has taken measures to provide solutions to the preoccupations of lawyers and teachers that laid the foundation for the ongoing crisis, many still think otherwise. 

Voices demanding a review on the form of state in Cameroon have become more louder than ever. While some think Federalism is the best form of government that can address the current crisis, others are of the opinion that outright  separation from formerly La Republic du Cameroon giving independence to Southern Cameroon is the solution as it forever solves the  over bearing marginalisation of anglophones in Country. 
  The popularity of this day's demonstrations puts to question the effectiveness of government measures to solve the problems raise.    

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Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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